Network monitoring tool and device bandwidth monitor

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Network monitoring tool and device bandwidth monitor

I just upgraded to the Hitron CG3 for UltraFiber60 and the big reason was I kept hitting my paltry 95 Gb cap under my old Extreme Package.
Having read some of the horror stories here about bandcap overages (and it seems the faster the modem the faster data is pushed through resulting in overages sometimes) I'm going to throw these two questions out there while I do my own research.

I have used a program called Network Magic for years. It allowed me to monitor my network quickly and simply and was very user friendly. Unfortunately Cisco bought it and killed it two years ago.




1) Does anyone know of a decent widget which will monitor your home network (I have six PC, four or so devices (TVs, media boxes, bluray ect) and two tablets and a home server)? I have downloaded  free one called The's okay but clumsy.


2) Given the continual concerns about getting slammed by bandwidth overages (and I came across some horror stories on this forum) I see there are high level tools out there which will monitor devices' bandwidth consumption but is there anything for home network monitoring?

It would be extremely valuable and a good investments. (In fact if I was a developer or software company I'd look at creating a cross platform tool which not only gave a simple interfact to manage the network but also to monitor device bandwidth usage by IP address.)
If we're going to be held liable for bandwidth then we should at least have access to the tools to protect ourselves.



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Re: Network monitoring tool and device bandwidth monitor

The problem is, the way ALOT of those tools work.. they are not as easily set up...
Problem is most would be installed on a PC... and unless they can monitor EVERY other part of the network at the same time as well... they dont do great other than monitoring THEIR traffic through them.

It used to be alot easier with HUBS, where the data was broadcast to ALL ports.. much easier to catch.
But now, with SWITCHES.. its smarter.. and not as easy to catch.

One possible software, havent looked into it in GREAT detail, is NetWorx.... apparently you can put in the MAC of the router/gateway, and it monitors all usage through it.  Not sure how well it works tho.

Really the BEST place something like this needs to be done, is at ROUTER level... and most routers.. any 3rd party, let alone the rogers gateway, provide this.
You really need to get into the CUSTOM firmware on the routers.

Or running your own say PC based router like PFsense, etc.

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