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Network Service Problems??

I've Been Here Awhile

Is there an area on Rogers website that indicates service areas that are having problems? We have no cable coverage and after waiting for 35 minutes on the phone to speak to a service representative (your estimated wait time is 5 minutes... ya right...), he reset our digital box, said there is a network problem in the area, and I will be notified when it is fixed. Soooo....


1. Why can I not find this information on the Rogers website? Even the TTC posts service problems on their website!


2. If I can be notified when it is fixed, why can I not be notified when there is a problem? Saves me having to call Rogers and wait 35 minutes!


3. Picture quality is substandard to begin with with sound cuts and pixelation on a regular basis. I pay over $200 per month to Rogers for cable, internet and mobile. You would think that the service would measure up to the cost. Maybe Bell is better?





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Re: Network Service Problems??

I Plan to Stick Around

In my opinion, Bell is better for internet (fiber optics in my area, higher caps & less pricey) and phone (never had an outage with them, and if the power goes out, I can still use a plug-in landline). For tv... no idea.


I can't help with the service problem, but regarding the cost... you could call up, ask to speak to someone about cancelling your cable, and when they ask why, tell them the truth... you don't see the point of paying for a service that you can't access... why throw money away? After some run around and yipping about 'upgrading service areas/networks/whatever', the rep should offer you a price discount (equal, at least, the the amoung you are throwing away for nothing). You could bring this up yourself ("I hate the thought of cancelling but what options do I have? You're taking my money and not giving me anything in return... but if you're willing to re-imburse me for my time and $$ paid, I'd be happy to stay... otherwise, why shouldn't I go elsewhere?).


Good luck!

Re: Network Service Problems??

I Plan to Stick Around

Actually I had Bell Fibe TV and the HD Channels were 100 times better then Rogers. crystal clear, I never had problems with their service either, I moved to a location where it is not currently available, but as soon as they are I will cancel Rogers and go back to Bell Fibe.


I like their Whole Home PVR's you can pause, rewind live TV and record from any box in the house, where Rogers Nextbox only lets you watch in another room what you have recorded in the PVR, but you cannot pause or rewind live TV from the other rooms...


Thats a shame.... Rogers get with it and upgrade your services to be compatible with Bell Fibe.. or you will be losing alot of customers once Bell Fibe is everywhere...

Re: Network Service Problems??

I've Been Here Awhile

Thanx for the input. If Rogers keeps their service the way it is, I may switch to Bell. It's too bad since I have been with Rogers for a very long time. Seems like instead of rewarding long time customers, they just keep charging more.



Re: Network Service Problems??

I've Been Around

Have not had cable allllll day!!! Thanks rogers! 


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