Netflixs quality is Horible

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Netflixs quality is Horible

I have looked and could not find any new post on Netlfix, the last 2 or 3 weeks, the quality is horible, I still see the HD sign on my Sony Smart TV but the video quality is horible, the quality is worse than analog tv.  Is anyone else experiencing this and why?



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Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Netflixs quality is Horible

That the HD signal is there... just means that there is an HD feed available.. i beleive.

What is your netflix quality settings set at? (you would have to log in via the webpage, and go into preferences).  Its perhaps set to low, med, etc?

I have an LG smart TV.. with a netflix app.  Some stuff.. no matter what you do, isnt going to be great, its recorded at lower quality.
But any HD stuff, comes through fine.  It starts of sort of SDish.. but in under 60 seconds sharpens up to HD.

Rogers does support the super HD as well.. as long as the device supports it.

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: Netflixs quality is Horible

I double and triple checked and my Netflix setting is at the highest quality available for downloads.


Thanks for replying.


Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Netflixs quality is Horible

Not sure what to say then. 
I just watched a movie on mine last night.. while not quite bluray quality.. it was at least as good as an HD channel.



A) something with the TV..

B) Are you doing this wireles to the TV?  Where is the wireless router or rogers gateway in relation to the TV?  what package are you on.
Just incase its a wireless signal issue, or something causing it.. i know mine is fine, as my router is right below the TV 😛


Have you tried watching an HD stream on a PC in the house?  Is it clear there?
(just trying to narrow down if its an issue just between that TV, etc)

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Netflixs quality is Horible

I see the same as Gdkitty IF my connection is good the movie starts very grainy then clears up in 10-30s. If my connection is bad for any reason(congestion, Rogers issues etc) then the quality may fluctuate back to grainy then good quality.

Monitor your connection while you are having the issues. Also as Gd mention are you on WiFi or wired?

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