Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

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Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

After 4 days I'm in trouble:


 October 04, 2010 6,130 MB

 October 03, 2010 3,851 MB

 October 02, 2010 4,298 MB

 October 01, 2010 3,513 MB


Is anyone else seeing traffic usage like this? I'm through about 20 of my 60GB....



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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)


@DigitalDarkAges wrote:
I don't even use Netflix because your "bandwidth allowances", or as your customers call it "CAPS" are too cost prohibitive for me to take the risk. I refuse to pay for more expensive tiers that have little return on my investment.


So here we have a customer who does not want to use Netflix because of bandwidth caps. I have tried to post a link here because Netflix has announced that they will "use 2/3 less data on average, with minimal impact to video quality." Furthermore, "Canadians can watch 30 hours of streaming from Netflix in a month that will consume only 9 GBytes of data, well below most data caps." They go on to say that  "We made these changes because many Canadian Internet service providers unfortunately enforce monthly caps on the total amount of data consumed."


For some reason, the powers that be at Rogers (who will remain nameless) have deemed that my comment does not offer technical support and continue to delete my reply!  Interesting because so many other comments on here offer no technical support whatsoever. So just what is the criteria for deleting comments?



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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I don't know what quality netfix movies are in but it depends on how many movies you're watching each day.


Standard definition movies are about 700mb when you download (netflix could have them around 700-1200 depending on length of movie).


If they are in HD they will be much bigger around 2-3GB per movie.


Netflix overall is not a good deal when subscribed to rogers internet. It is only worth it if you have a very large cap and don't use it for much else or an unlimited cap.

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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

Yes, that usage could be normal depending on the amount of movies/tv shows your watching.


I may suggest downloading a 3rd party usage monitoring tool as well as as you can view your usage on there as well ( I guess you know this much seeing as you know your at 20gb already).

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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

Hi, Chris,


I have the same problem with you.

The last 4 days, my usage is like the following.


October 4   15,310MB  (15GB)

October 3    24,247MB (24GB)

October 2   2,127MB (2GB)

October 1    13,644 (13GB)


It's apparently abnormal and I think there must be problems on Rogers usage counting system.

Normally, I've used the internet under 1GB a day in average.

I've sent email to Rogers but I just received that I might use the internet that much.

But I absolutly don't agree with that because I didn't use the interent that much.

Now I've already over the 60GB limit and I have to pay $2 per additional 1 GB.


What I think is that Rogers system may  count double or triple the usage. It is very probable. Furthermore, Rogers system is now unstable. When I try to access the usage view page, I've got many times system failure message like ".... unavailable...".


However, I cannot debate with Rogers because my verbal English is very poor. So, if possible, Chris, can you request the Rogers to answer about this absord situation?


We need to do something to solve this wrong loss.


Thank you,









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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

@jungg we're you also recently using netflix?

My usage since I started has gone up huge.. Not sure if it's double counting or not..

I have also noticed the issue with the website not being available as well. I tend not to trust it too much..

Not sure how I'm going to use a 3rd party tracker as I'm using my ps3 to access netflix.
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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

Hey Chris,


Your answer is very quick. It's awesome.


By the way, I don't use Netflix. I should have mentioned it first.

I didn't know where do I have to post my opinion to solve this problem. So i've just posted my opinion here.


Actually, I watched some tutorial movies from But it cannot be as much as 24GB. It should be at best 1 or 2 GB I think. That's why I was shocked. I frequently watched the movies from the same site before. But it never was over 4GB.


What I hope is that someone who have undergone the same troble recently post their opinion to solve this problem together.





Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

Hi guys.


Usage is a hot button issue, I know. I myself pull between 300-500GB per month in usage (HTPC usage sucks about 90% of that) and I'm only on the Express package.


Since the usage tool was implemented, I haven't seen it make a mistake in data calculations either on my account or on any customers. That's not to say that the viewing tool doesn't go down or not display properly, but the actual data calculations I have yet to see errors on.


The reason, as best I can ascertain, for why it can't really error in this way is because it's tied to the DOCSIS MAC and Serial numbers; so if it was screwing with the monitoring, the internet probably wouldn't work at all.


Now there's always the chance that something new arises that I haven't seen, and I don't profess to have all the answers, but I've done this for a while.


My best suggestions for monitoring are as follows:


1. Depending upon how you connect, if you use a third party router, you could look into an after-market firmware such as DDT or Tomato, some of which have built in monitoring on the device itself.


2. If that option is not viable, for one 24-hour period, midnight to midnight, disable the wireless on your Rogers gateway and hook up one computer directly to the device. Continue to use the internet normally and install your own bandwidth monitor. After the 24 hour period, compare your measurements with the Rogers measurements. If there's a discrepancy, give us a ring and we'll open a case to have a look.


Remember that it's not just downloads, but uplaods as well that contribute to your useage and I've seen people who are not really familiar with torrent software misconfigure the clients and chew through 50-70gigs in just uploads (though based upon responses in this thread, I don't think that's the case here).


I have to pay the overage costs myself as well, and I'm not thrilled about it, but sadly, those choices aren't made by me.

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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I've tried other firmware sadly my router is not stable at the moment with the current releases.. 


I'm try the route of not using netflix for a day or so and see if my traffic returns to normal.. (if this is the case I'm sure rogers will be very happy).. 

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)
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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

Thanks for the information, Netbug.




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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

Sad to report my non netflix usage:

October 06, 2010 270MB
October 05, 2010 256MB

Rogers you win this time...

I won't be clicking Accept Solution due to the fact that I don't have a solution to use netflix and stay with Rogers...