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Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I'm a Senior Advisor

After 4 days I'm in trouble:


 October 04, 2010 6,130 MB

 October 03, 2010 3,851 MB

 October 02, 2010 4,298 MB

 October 01, 2010 3,513 MB


Is anyone else seeing traffic usage like this? I'm through about 20 of my 60GB....



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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I Plan to Stick Around

There shouldn't be caps at all.  Hopefully instead of just getting the recent UBB order from the CRTC reversed, they will actually realize that UBB stifles innovation and serves no purpose other than to kill competition, and will have ALL UBB removed.  Having a cap means that I can't get Netflix without crazy overage charges.  This is exactly what Rogers wants.


What is really dumbfounding is the fact that using their own "Rogers on demand" from their own site still counts towards your cap.  So much for "FREE on demand" services.  Free only until you get overages is what they should say.

Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I'm a Senior Advisor

Well if they allowed their own site to not count against the cap but made others that would probably be illegal..

Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Its what Bell is doing..  Their internet tv offering doesn't count to caps.

Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I've Been Here Awhile

The cost to rout 1 GB is 3 cents. That’s after all of its operational and fixed costs were accounted for.  Since this is true, $45 is worth 1.5TB of data.  That covers rogers operation and fixed costs.  If they want to a profit of 100% of the operational and fixed costs, that's $0.06 per GB and $45 covers 750GB of data per month.


Odd how $46.99 covers only 60GB.

Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I Plan to Stick Around

I've been a Rogers customer since, oh, around 1998 or so...and I am NOT happy with the route this company feels it needs to take.  Lowering the caps/Artificially high per gig prices.  Tsk, tsk.