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Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I'm a Senior Advisor

After 4 days I'm in trouble:


 October 04, 2010 6,130 MB

 October 03, 2010 3,851 MB

 October 02, 2010 4,298 MB

 October 01, 2010 3,513 MB


Is anyone else seeing traffic usage like this? I'm through about 20 of my 60GB....



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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I'm a Senior Advisor
@esazon not many people know the size of data used to show a movie. With netflix offering HD and 5.1 audio it takes up a lot of bandwidth. Even being tech savvy as I am I was surprised how much I burnt through in my first week of netflix..

Unfortunately Netflix was designed for the American internet market and not the cap happy Canadian internet...

Hopefully things like will catch on and make some change.

Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I Plan to Stick Around

Most people have no idea how big a movie is or what all the various technical terms mean, nor can they be expected to.  Moreover, people often have little control over the usage others in the household.


People also don't  realise that, on a laptop, a movie may use less than a GB, but on a faster, higher quality system, Netflix will use as much as it needs for maximum quality.


If there need to be restrictions on data consumption or charges per unit of consumption, it seems to me that we need realtime metering, with understandable terms.  Either that, or we need to have the equivalent of "gas meters" and put in a shilling whenever we want to use some data. (How would that go over?).


Actually, we have that for tablets.  Users pre-buy a specific amount of data (unfortunately subject to expiry) and are notified by email when they approach the limits of that data.


Seems to me that if this whole matter does not resolve itself soon  that we will see governments step in and include the Wild West of data measurement, packet inspection and filtering,and billing under Consumer Affairs and The Weights and Measures Act.    


We can buy as much gasoline as we like or electricity without much restriction, and see them measured through accurate and clearly visible meters.  In the case of gasoline, you may even have to pay in advance and have the delivery stop when that amount paid is reached.  Consumer and Corporate Affairs smaple products off the shelf to verify quality and measurement.  Why should data be different?


As it stands, the average consumer is unable to understand what is happening, and the knowledgeable ones are screaming bloody murder.



Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I Plan to Stick Around


The above is a little dated but mentions some of their methods, I've also heard that "typically" most films work out to between 1.8GB and 2.5GB depending on length of the film. So if someone watched two movies and then did normal internet stuff on top of that I could easily see 5-6GB per day and they'd exceed their cap in no time.


Imagine a fuel-rationing plan where you're allowed to drive 60 km daily for .40/litre but then have to start paying $10/litre for every kilometre extra, kinda like that.


Personally since I rarely touch the cap I don't care too much on that, what I do care about is all the throttling and traffic shaping they are doing to the majority of their users (in other words, on a selfish point.. Me) who aren't using Netflix or torrents or P2P, why is my connection going from 1200KByte/s down to 150KByte/s for large blocks of hours every day?

Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)



Video streaming is a major factor in your monthly bandwidth usage.  A TV show for Example (Mad Men) from Rogers on demand online (45 min) will equal to around 700 MB of download usage when played in HD quality.  Netflix movies should use the same type of bandwidth for HD quality movies.  So a typical movie at around 1.5 hours should equal to about 1.4 GB (give or take) of download usage.  Add more time to the movie length and the more you will use.


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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I'm a Senior Advisor

I don't know if "Rogers on Demand online is free to sign up at" is your signature or not but it really doesn't fit in this thread.. The complaint is the caps are too low to enjoy the new world of online services. This thread could just as easily be titled ROD - usage (is this normal?) since it itself is a streaming service which chews through the alloted bandwidth.