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Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I'm a Senior Advisor

After 4 days I'm in trouble:


 October 04, 2010 6,130 MB

 October 03, 2010 3,851 MB

 October 02, 2010 4,298 MB

 October 01, 2010 3,513 MB


Is anyone else seeing traffic usage like this? I'm through about 20 of my 60GB....



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Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I've Been Around

what i found really crazy was that my Upload data was as high as the download ... which is totally crazy considering that I have 10M down and 512k up ... i also called Netflix and they said that it should be 99% download ...


I think rogers is doing some funny business here.

Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

Hi bbmiliu,

Welcome to the forums.

You are correct. Usually streaming audio/video contributes mostly to your download usage. Upload usage only counts when you are transferring data FROM your PC. This type of activity usually occurs when you have a program on your PC which uses high bandwidth for upload, i.e BitTorrent, Limewire or other P2P applications. If you do not use those types of programs on your PC, and you use a wireless router, you may want to ensure that it is secure and check the usage of any other computers on your home network, as other users may be using those type of applications which would contribute to the high uploads.
Also, even if you do not use P2P programs, you may want to check if they are installed on your system and remove them. It is possible they may be starting up automatically on your PC and using up your upload usage without you even knowing about it.

Let us know how that goes.

Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I've Been Around

I'm having the same problem. I switched to extreme plus and now I've gone over my 125 gig in just 2 weeks. It says I've downloaded 54 gig...which is fine....but how the heck could I have uploaded 75 gig also, when the upload amount of 1 mb is so small?  It certainly doesn't show that much upload in my torrent where did it go?


Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I'm a Senior Advisor
That is weird. To upload that much would take a long time. I wonder if there is some other problem here..

Re: Netflix - usage (is this normal?)

I've Been Here Awhile
Just as a double check I have been using a third party program called netwox. With this program which is free, I can keep tabs on all internet usage, up and down, on all the computers in my house. Great little program.