Netcomm2 Hacked? Rogers Employee Please Comment.

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Netcomm2 Hacked? Rogers Employee Please Comment.

So i certainly have a few questions about the security of rogers network and/or the netcomm hubs.  Do you think this a IP provider and/or router issue?  I have heard that Rogers employees can log in to the netcomm's to check them and change settings for customer support sessions.  i don't know much about the way people hack things but if rogers has the ability to to sign into my router does that not mean that anyone could?  If someone else is signed in, does that prevent me from signing in, b/c that certainly seems to be what is happening.


Since I started with rogers my XBOXlive has been remotely accessed while i watch.  This never happened with my old service provider.  At times,  my router web page has become unavailable even though the hub is still connected to the internet and the signal is high.  Using a data logger it appears that data is being transferred through my hub even if i disconnect my PCs during the time that  i can't sign onto the  if i do hook a pc back up during this time My download/upload times ad RRT are extremely slow and often time out altogether.


So, again, if rogers has the ability to to sign into my router does that not mean that anyone that knows how can?  Seems like a huge security flaw to have a router that can be accessed remotely by anyone.  Especially if customers are being charged for data usage.





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Re: Netcomm2 Hacked? Rogers Employee Please Comment.

You may wish to see the following thread:


Bottom line though is that you can no longer get a modem or modem/router gateway from Rogers that does not cause problems. I hear something new may be coming in the future, but I will not hold my breath as far as improvements are concerned!

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Re: Netcomm2 Hacked? Rogers Employee Please Comment.

log into your router and change the passwords for "admin", "user" and "support"... the default password is the same as the login... also change your wireless wpa2 security key.. while not the best, using your 10 digit phone number or an old number/cell number is easy to remember ... rogers still hasnt addressed my security issue with original netcomm 3G10WVR, where the default wireless key is a specific number followed by the 4 SSID numbers broadcast by the router... this "hack" is known on the internet ,as I released the "details " on how to access any 3G10WVR wireless network where the "default' WPA2 security key has not been changed!!
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Re: Netcomm2 Hacked? Rogers Employee Please Comment.

Yes, your fears are correct.  Anyone like myself could easily hack into your network due to Roger's lax security.  You can thank repitition for choosing Roger's in the first place.  You were probably convinced by the myriad of false advertisements which Roger's have playing on television at any given time; constantly stating untruth's and conjecture, disguising them as fact.

I hope this helps, if not to alleve your fears, then by opening your eyes to the real choice... Don't use Roger's, because Roger's lies and rips you off while smiling in your face and saying "Thank you for choosing Roger's [you sucker!]"...

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Re: Netcomm2 Hacked? Rogers Employee Please Comment.

could this explain my 600 plus dollar bill in august?  oh and rogers did their investigation themselves and determined they were legit charges  funny how they investigate themselves and find it legit   also stating that they can in no way find out how the data was used or who used it   but they can justify my bill total bull wish verizon or someone would come to canada and put an end to their monoply.