NetFlixx is a big bandwidth user - beware

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I Plan to Stick Around
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NetFlixx is a big bandwidth user - beware

Most people on the internet have no clue what they really use in bandwidth or what that even means. So they sign up for an online movie thing like NetFlixx and happily toss their cable tv box out the window, only to find out that their (typically) insatiable hunger for movies is costing mucho large dollars in overage use of internet bandwidth. Since any ISP has no control over how much you use (and you don't want them to have control anyway), chances are they are going to laugh when someone calls up and screams about the huge bills they start to get. Too bad the online companies don't care to warn users of that fact in big, bold print when they sign up.


It's no use whining about caps on bandwidth, network access costs money and makes even more money for Rogers. I can't see them offering an unlimited or high use (at moderate speed) plan in the near future. Maybe as online viewing starts stealing cable customers away, that will cause a change in their marketing.


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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: NetFlixx is a big bandwidth user - beware

This is why, if you are going to use netflix, you must have an isp with unlimited bandwidth! To bad rogers doesn't offer it anymore (they used to back in the day when the 'net was in its infancy). There are many choices out there. And like you said, it is basically buyer beware. The smart consumer will do his research beforehand. 


A smart company would see netflix as a big asset for long term profits, so the more subscribers they can get the more money they would make. Cable tv is all but dead. There is no reason anymore to subscribe to it, just like having a home phone is just throwing money down the drain. Most people just download episodes and burn them onto dvd's or buy dvd season shows/movies off itunes or futureshop (as an example) Personally, I see this as a HUGE emerging trend, and of course our backwards *bleep* Canadian companies are not taking advantage of this to really capitalize!!!!!!!!!!  This is a cash cow waiting to be milked!!



Yes, you are right about "its no use whining about caps on bandiwidth", this is the part where the consumer says, if I dont like it I cancel and move to another company that offers the service that I need.