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Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

I've Been Here Awhile

I have been trying to correct the over billing on my January / Feb / March invoices and finally in March it was adjusted and was to be all cleaned up.  I paid it and I just got my bill and note that there is still a $50 carry over error from prior months and this month I was charged $250 for cable, where I only should be charged about $70. 


I am getting tired dealing with this, I keep calling spending hours on the phone.  


I am loosing confidence in Rogers.  What do I do???????


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Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

I'm a Senior Advisor

Try the social media team on facebook or twitter.


They're usually pretty responsive to customer requests, and have more knowledge than the phone jockies.

Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

I've Been Here Awhile

Good luck i have been getting overcharged ever since i got all my services through them.  social media got me a small refund for something i never shold have been charged with.  I have been arguing for two months,  all lies and people who cannot do their jobs or refuse too.   Worst customer service ever.

Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

It may all depend on the rep who you talk with.


I have only ever had 2 problem charges ever.

But i spend MORE time than needed on the phone, going over everything like 10 times and make sure that everything is ok.  Wait for the change to show up on the myrogers, and then call back to confirm, etc.
(shouldnt have to do this, but makes it so things are fixed ASAP)


And those problems were quickly resolved.. but i might have had good reps.


Again, as sugested above.. people can try contacting rogers via FB or Twitter... the guys there are really good at getting to the root of things (even better than the phone reps, even)

Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

I'm Here A Lot
Contract Rogers, complain about the issue , get all names and id numbers from everyone you deal with , keep a record of it.
Tier 1 is the first person you talk to ,, most likely they will attempt to fix the issue , but really you will most likely end up getting the run around as tier 1 really can't help with bigger problems , ask for a manager , which would be tier 2 support.
They should be able to help , again get name and id number. Keep records!! If issue is resolved here , get an id number for the conversation so if you have a problem again you can direct the next person to the issue faster.
If you do talk to a manager and the issue isn't fixed still.
Goto Rogers website or google Rogers complaint.
You can file a complaint on the website , says the steps i've already said in a more fuller detail.
You can put in the managers name to complain to the office of the president. which will resolve the issue.
Best of luck

Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

I've Been Around

25GB extra usage on this months bill??  Not possible!  used mostly for work..Also have a rogers phone that I use for work...I will be cancelling BOTH ..employee with City of Hamilton  Housing

Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

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Hello bigdaddywd33

Have you contacted Rogers to see where the data was used and when?. Also u can explain to then what ur saying and see what they can do. Did u leave any apps turned on that sync or a cloud service?

Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

Good afternoon @bigdaddywd33 ,


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Forums!


We are very sorry about the unexpected overages on your most recent invoice.


We want to help you understand the cause and we obviously do not want you to change service provider due to this situation.


Did you recently get a new device ? Has anything changed in your data usage?


Were you aware that you can keep track fo your usage in real time whether on our website or through the Rogers MyAccount app?


As @Meowmix said, it would be important to contact our customer care department to see if anything could be done in order to help you out with the charges or get in touch with one of our technician to identify the reason why there was so much usage on your last bill.



Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

I've Been Here Awhile

Been having the same problem with billing. It was in the hundreds of dollars according to the bil. Every time I called them it took forever to get through and then I was told someone was looking into it and I should just pay it and I will get a credit. Pay hundreds of dollars that I don't owe just to get a credit. Finally I called to disconnect everything. They asked why and I told them I was sick of nobody dealing with the over billing. Later that day it was delt with. Then, in the middle of August I had about 50.00 in stuff taken off my cable package that was to show on my September bill. Well the September bill came and the disconnected services were still on the bill. After numerous calls to them again nothing has been done. Got a bill today and I am still being billed for that plus a digital box and a monthly fee. Remember when the letters came out last month that said if you own a pace box that Rogers was switching them for free? Nope, it obviously wasn't free. I am going to contact the CRTC tomorrow, I think they deal with this stuff and Rogers can stick their services because I'm done with them too. Can you imagine all the people that don't read their bills and just pay them or the senior that don't understand the billing. Rogers is making a killing on their over billing. They are the biggest rip offs out there. By the way, Rogers reports this crap to Transunion so if you have been over billed, you should call there toll free number and get a free copy of your credit report and if it shows you have been constantly late because of over billing, contact Transunion and explain the situation so it comes off your credit record.

Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

Hello @sandybeach22,


Welcome to the Community Forums! 


I am sorry to hear about the billing issues that you've been having. Have you escalated this issue and spoken to manager? Is someone looking into this matter for you? 




Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

One thing i noticed you say there.. that you switched from a PACE box to other...

I wonder if that is partially where this stems from?

Even if the pace box was owned.. the one rogers was replacing with.. while it was maybe not being PAID for (no charges in the end), it likely is not OWNED by you anymore... its just a free rental sort of thing.
Was the box ever returned?
Without it being returned, may continue with charges, etc.

Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

I've Been Here Awhile

I bought the pace box myself from Future Shop. Roger sent a letter saying they were upgrading and the pace boxes will no longer work as of Nov. 11 and they were switching them FREE. If I owned it, it's a free switch with no charges to follow. You you rent it, yes you will continue to pay the rental. Someone on here said to contact Rogers through Facebook messenger so I tried that last night.  It took a couple hours to sort out, but they did help me. The pace box was an sissies, and they could see I owned it, so he removed the charges for it.  I thing Facebook is the better way to deal with Rogers because they dealt with it right away. Trying to get anywhere on the phone is a waste of time with them. Someone said they have people answer there phones from home, maybe that's why they can't help with billing issues, they can only add and remove service from their home computers. All I know, is they are the worst company I have ever dealt with for over billing. It is constant.

Re: Need some help with billing.... overcharge again

While I'm not 100% certain, I'm pretty sure most of the customer service agents like myself handle calls from a call centre, not at home. Sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time getting anywhere over the phone though, as most of the time trying to resolve the issue over the phone is the best way to do so. Customer Care handles the billing inquiries as well as the product changes.


As far as the 'overbilling' is concerned, there's always a reason for why the charges are on the bill. It's not always a situation where you're being charged extra. Sometimes, as in your case, a mistake gets made. A lot of times though it comes down to a customer not understanding their package or their pricing, or they don't understand the offer that they were given. Not saying the billing system is perfect, but it isn't always a case where Rogers as a company is in the wrong.


You call Customer Care, and if you give an agent enough time, they'll find the reason for whatever charge you're disputing, and if necessary fix whatever the issue is. At least that's how I do it. 🙂