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Need a solution to recording using the free Digital Adapter.

I've Been Here Awhile

I have a family member who is 90 years old.

He used to record using his VCR everything, including news, shows, etc.

Both both skip commercials and rewind since his hearing is very bad.

Since he was switched to digital, the VCR is useless (we tried troubleshooting, not possible to get a clear picture and sound).

What other solution is there?  He does not have a digital tv package, just basic using the free digital box.

Are there any cheap PVR boxes he can use to record? does anyone have experience in recording digital signal if you're on the basic package with no standard digital reciever? 




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Re: Need a solution to recording using the free Digital Adapter.

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Hello @ mang999


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums.


If you are looking to record live TV I would suggest the NextBox 3.0 HDPVR. The Rogers HDPVR (Nextbox 3.0) provides high-quality video, audio, and improved PVR functionalities with the capability of recording up to 8 shows at once.  The Nextbox 3.0 PVR is also available with a 1 TB hard drive that allows you to store up to 120 - 240 hours of HD/SD programming.


Feel free to visit our website at to take a look at the Ignite bundle packages that are available here.


Hope this helps.



Re: Need a solution to recording using the free Digital Adapter.

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There is a way to hook up a VCR to record off the DTA50, but it's very crude and you can't be watching a different channel while recording. See here. The reason is that the VCR's tuner is not digital. As for a cheap PVR box, you could probably find something on kijiji for $100-$200.  A SA8300HD would be the most reliable. Make sure it's Rogers and the seller owns it.

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Re: Need a solution to recording using the free Digital Adapter.

I  would agree with OLDYELLR

There ARE ways to use a VCR or other devices to record, using the basic Digital Adapter... 
BUT they are quite cumbersome... requiring some setup, and as mentioned, require to MANUALLY tune to the channel wanted to be recorded with the adapter remote, as well as setting up the VCR setup, etc.

(there are possibly SOME devices that could be used, which have an IR blaster, which would then change the channel on the digital adapter.. but thats even more setup/technical stuff).


Overall, a PVR would be the EASIEST sollution.
Much less setup, less remote, etc needed to record.  In some cases as simple as one button press, so a little easier than a VCR.


The new NB3 is nice.. but may have some extra stuff that would never be used.. may end up a little more confusing.

As Mentioned, getting an older model PVR, like the 8300, etc.. may be good choice.  An older more simple menu.

They dont sell/rent them anymore out of the stores..  but you might be able to find a used one.

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