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I Plan to Stick Around
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Need Nexus Smartphone Support

I plan to buy a new Google Nexus smartphone when it comes out.  I plan to use it on my existing Rogers wireless account.



1) will Rogers provide me a micro SIM for free as I am staying with it (I have a corporate phone account)?

2) will I get support from Rogers to activate my new phone, such as emails, text message?  I suppose I need IP, server name, etc..



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Re: Need Nexus Smartphone Support

1) Usually, sometimes you need to pay for it. Whenever I pay for it I call in and get a credit for it.

2) The answer is positively, absolutely, without a doubt, maybe. Calling into Rogers tech support is a gamble at the best of times. If you say SMTP to the wrong tech you may cause their head to implode on the complexity of the statement. Will most try and help you? Sure. Will they be helpful? Probably not.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Need Nexus Smartphone Support

Thanks Mbazdell,


I appreciate your answer.  I wonder how owners of Galaxy Nexus have coped.  


Regarding getting credit for the micro SIM card, should I get a card in store and then call the tech line to get credit?  Do I get the card free in store at, say Pacific Mall?  What is the easiest way?

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Re: Need Nexus Smartphone Support

Hello Ayu

When you go to the store & get the sim card, you will need to pay for it. Call Rogers & Speak to customer care & ask them to give you a credit for the sim card. Honestly tho why even bother asking for a credit? Its $11 with taxes for a sim card. Not that much if you ask me anyways.

Pacific mall will not give you a free sim card & same goes with other stores. You will need to pay for it & then call Rogers & ask them to give you a credit for it.