Name/Number Caller ID for Android

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Name/Number Caller ID for Android

I love that Rogers seems to be the only carrier on earth that seems to offer Name+Number caller ID for their wireless customers, (I've asked on many forums and everyone tells me that their carrier does not) but it also brings the problem of not all phones supporting the service, with my biggest concern being Android devices.


I have heard of a few confirmed models working with the service, the Acer Liquid E and the Samsung Galaxy S.  The manufacturers of these phones did include the ability and for that I thank them.  I have a Nexus One and considering it was supposed to be the flagship of Android devices I was very disappointed when FroYo (2.2) was released and this feature was still not included in the base OS.  There are many software solutions available in the Android market that do a database lookup while your phone is ringing but it often gives wrong/outdated results or it simply shows as unavailable.


I am hoping that Rogers can come up with an app that will solve the issue. If other companies can create an app that accesses some generic database then Rogers should be able to come up with one that accesses their database so it works as well as when the phone has it built in.  I am sure you could have it authenticate to the network to verify that you are a rogers customer and have paid your $2 monthly fee for the service.  Rogers could also do as the other writers of similar apps do and have the app only last 30 days and then you have to go and download it again for $2 every month, It would be a PITA but better than all of the current solutions available.


so Rogers?  Any word on this at all?  I was told in March that a solution was in the works but no one seems to have any actual details.



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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Name/Number Caller ID for Android

I wouldn't want an app for it... I'd like it natively supported.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Name/Number Caller ID for Android

The problem with having it natively supported is we would have to wait for Google to issue to next update. I wouldn't mind seeing an app in the app store "Name Display Enabler - Rogers Inc."


I currently own a non supported device: the Nexus One and I am paying the 8 dollars for CallerID+Name Display. I feel kind of ripped off that I am not being offered this service and there is no option of ordering Caller ID without the name display.


Furthermore, I would like to inform everyone that Rogers is one of the only companies in the world which offer name display. There are apps on the market which offer "name display" but it actually just looks up the phone number via whitepages.


On Windows Mobile there is a hack that enables Name Display to work even on unsupported devices. With the Acers and Samsungs supporting name display now, we can't be far with having it work with Android.

I've Been Around
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Re: Name/Number Caller ID for Android

Hi folks,


I've been looking into this issue too as I'm with Fido and currently have the Caller ID + Name Display option on my account. I am using an HTC Desire with custom ROM, and tried to get it working by specfically defining "" in my build.prop/local.prop file, but it still does not work.


I also called Fido and their friendly CSR even removed then re-added the feature to my account, but this again seemed to do nothing.


Since Android is Open Source, and apparently the CyanogenMOD ROMs support this feature (unconfirmed), can we not get some kind of help from the Rogers/Fido techs as to what needs to be added to make this work?


I understand that Android is open source, but the file "" which is the RIL layer from my HTC device is apparently NOT open source, so as I think about it more, anyone (mainly enthusiasts) using unbranded/unlocked devices will never have this work, and the carriers will be taking a bit of extra money from us each month.


...anyways, here's hoping for a miracle of sorts.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Name/Number Caller ID for Android

The name display options required to get name display are not functional on the handsets firmware on the rogers network. I have not had a chance to test it on other carrier devices, but i can say that this option can be purchased and used on alot of devices on the rogers network. However the devices are limited to the following from


If the handset is not listed below, then there is no support on the rogers network for name display.


However this might be out of date, but i did not see when it was last updated


There is a small work around, if you have the person in your address book, the phone will recognize the number and display the name as well.


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Re: Name/Number Caller ID for Android

The name called id works perfectly on the Nexus phone, I have been using it for more than two year now.


Yes, all new calls, I see the Name and it stays in the history too.   How did I do it,  a guy in Florida, He has a optimized version of Google Android, that is, if you install his version on your cell phone, it will work great it does all what you would expect a phone to do.  He is a programmer,  he has great results, and all is free.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Name/Number Caller ID for Android

I only hope that Google will include the Name display code in the Next update.