NOTE 5 User Manual

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NOTE 5 User Manual

I would actually like someone from Rogers to look into this and respond please.......


On the USA version on the Note 5, there's a "User Manual" APP in the " system settings " under " System". At the very least, I do not have this on my Note 5 from Rogers. I don't know if this is an issue with my phone specifically or all Rogers / Canadian phones.


I've checked with CNET and they confirm that the USA phones include the User Manual on the phone. Is it just my phone and if not, why is this absent from the Canadian Note 5 ?


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Retired Moderator
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Re: NOTE 5 User Manual

Hi @wpd


As the US is a different market, we wouldn't be able to comment on what they have and the reasons behind it.


From my personal experiences with devices, what's released in the US is not always the same as what's released in Canada.


Find what's include in the box below.


What's in the Box

  • Travel Adapter
  • Data Link Cable
  • Stereo Headset + Ear tips
  • Sim card Ejection Pin
  • Quick start guide
  • Smart Switch Insert
  • Extended Warranty
  • Accessory tray
  • Phone tray


@Meowmix Any input on this topic ?



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: NOTE 5 User Manual

@RogersAsif - Thanks for your response however, if you read my message, we're talking about what's on the phone, not what's in the box.  The USA has a " user manual " app on the phone. This should be something that you call Samsung Canada on to get an answer.

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
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Re: NOTE 5 User Manual

@RogersAsif - The conversation is on the Pengate thread... here

@Meowmix has already have had his input on this and so have I.
I won't say anything on this "officially"... as @wpd is asking for an statement, and I am in no position to answer. As my answer would be in speculation that USA market is different.

My Speculation is:

And Samsung puts more effort in our southern neighbours than us. More population = Higher amount of consumer = Higher profit interest.

Canadian Market just isn't as big as people think. If you live in a major city, get out of it. I would assume if they pulled out a user manual for Canada, they have to launch it in both English (ported from US) and French (cost for professional translator?)
I would assume Samsung isn't interested in spending money.
That is their call - I don't think ROGERS would have any say in that... key word: 'Think'.
any carriers having a say in what a manufacture can put in their setting is very unlikely...

this is in no way an official statement, but my 5 cents (since we don't have pennies anymore)...


Edit: added pengate thread link


but this is a good question, I want samsung official in my grasp so I can interrogate them with all recent changes they have done 😐 Note 5 especially.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: NOTE 5 User Manual

All we have to go on is a USA specific user manual. We've already identified one sizeable difference between the US model and Canadian. What else is different ? So, what do French people do in Quebec, get a full refund when they stick the pen in backwards because they don't have a Canadian / French language manual to tell them otherwise ?


I suspect we're ( I'm ) not going to get any official answer. I've already called Samsung Canada and they say " we no nothing about the USA models, but we can provide you with a USA specific user manual in PDF format if you like ".


I don't believe this is a problem with Rogers, just thought they would have a better chance at resolving this with Samsung than me.

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Re: NOTE 5 User Manual

Hello @wpd

At this point as u clerified it and as we did a well there is no Canadian manual. They are all the same. Just the specs might be different. How to use the device Is the same.

So in all ur only option is to try again with Samsung or I can see if Mobilesyrup can give me something