NHL Gamecentre Live and Chrome Cast

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Re: NHL Gamecentre Live and Chrome Cast

Seriously rogers, it is the first night of the regular season and the Chromecast icon is simply not there. There is no ability to cast. Are we going to have to put with this kind of garbage all season, just as we did last season? If the pre-season is any indication and the first night of the regular season, you guys have a lot of work to do to make this work. The bigger question though is do you even care? 

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Re: NHL Gamecentre Live and Chrome Cast

Good evening @Dugi,


Thank you for your post. 

I understand the inconveniences caused by the Chromecast issue you're experiencing with Rogers NHL LIVE.


Has the issue been resolved since you posted?


We certainly do care and wish to help you resolve this as soon as possible.


What troubleshooting steps have you tried thus far?


If you would like us to open a ticket in order for our Back Office team to investigate this further,  please send a PM to @CommunityHelps and we can escalate this matter for review.


For instructions on how to send a Private Message, please follow this link for instructions.



I'm a Senior Contributor
Posts: 197

Re: NHL Gamecentre Live and Chrome Cast


Thank you for your reply. I do have a resolution - sort of.  Apparently, if I use my laptop, this is what happens. I select a broadcast that is already in progress. The Chromecast icon is not there. At the first commercial break, when you normally see a "Commercial Break in Progress", either rogers or the NHL inserts a series of commercials that you are now forced to watch. It also tells you that you have to disable all ad blockers. Only when you watch these commercials (tonight it was 4 of them), will the cast icon appear. To be honest, this is ridiculous. The other solution is to cast from my android phone and it worked fine. When trying from my wife's iPad, I get the following: "Error NHL.TV Access: You are not authorized to watch this feed. (Error {-3500}). The iPad worked fine a week ago and I did make sure the app was up to date. The only positive about this is that I am not paying for it as it is included with my Ignite bundle.