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*NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Hybrid Fibre 250/20 500gb $99.99 Ignite 250u 250/20 Unlimited $94.99
Hybrid Fibre 150/10 350gb $88.99 Ignite 100u 100/10 Unlimited $84.99
Hybrid Fibre 60/10 120gb $72.99 Ignite 60 60/10 200gb $74.99
Hybrid Fibre 30/5 70gb $64.99 Internet 30 30/5 100gb $64.99
Hybrid Fibre @ 10/1 25gb $51.99        
- New prices include rental       Includes Shomi and Game Center Live ($25/m value)
- +15 for +200gb usage       Includes Modem Rental    
- +25 for unlimited              

Here is an UPDATED comparison, between the previous packages, and the CURRENT offerings.

(i THINK i have the prices right for the previous hybrid packages, as they went up a few weeks ago, but not sure the final amount on all packages, but was about $3 on most)

This is TWO packages ago list, just for comparison as well

Older Packages (first Gen D3 modem package)

Speed Usage Cost
Ultimate 250/20 1tb $127.49 + rental
Old Ultimate 150/10 250g $127.49 + rental
Extreme Plus 45/4 150g $79.49 + rental
Extreme 35/3 100g $69.49 + rental
Express 25/2 80g $56.49 + rental
Lite  6/.5 20g $45.99 + rental
+ 10 (bundled) or + 30 not bundled to add unlimited



****Edited Lables****


Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I'm a Trusted Contributor

How wonderful to see the Resident Experts becoming a little disenchanted! Now you just might realize how the rest of us feel! Thank you for your very candid and honest comments!

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I wouldn't necessarily say disenchanted, disappointed maybe that I haven't reached the break even point for the modem, but, every person has to consider very carefully whether or not its worth going to the new plan, and keep in mind any deals that you might have running.  As I didn't have any retention deals going there wasn't any reason not to consider switching.  The same plan on the Hybrid scheme, 250 down / 20 up, unlimited with my modem would cost $115.99.  New plan, $94.99 plus a three month $25.00 off promo bringing it down to $69.99.  So, for three months I save $46/month, and thereafter I save $21/month in comparison.  I could be a stick in the mud and say, nope, I'm going to save that $12/month on the modem rental and pay $115.99/month doing it.  Even if you only had the hybrid 250 down / 20 up with your own modem with 500 Gb limit, your cost is currently $90.99, not too far off the new unlimited at $94.99.  So, it really depends on what you are currently running, and how close the price points are.

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I think each person needs to check and compare.

Its not always best to jump on the NEWEST thing.


For people with NO retentions/discounts otherwise.. there are quite possibly some 'more for the same' type of things.  I dont think it will be always a HUGE amount cheaper (depending on the plans your on), but at least get extra stuff for the same price.

But you need to call and have them compare.

See what the EVERYDAY final price will be on the new bundles for what you want.. and compare that to what your paying now.





This post was not ment as an OMG GO CHANGE TO IT NOW! type of thing.

It here, so people are more easily able to compare side by side, the difference between the OLD and NEW stuff.


Good or Bad... thats your call to make.

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

@Datalink wrote:

So, it really depends on what you are currently running, and how close the price points are.

In my case, I'm at around $75 (it was $73.99 but that should be going up), minus a $15 bundle discount, for the 150/550 flavour. 


The only way in which the new plan might make some sense for me for as long as I still have that 2-year-bundle-discount is the $20 Rogers Home Phone offer... 

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I Plan to Stick Around

These Package changes is why I would never buy a modem. Things always change. The new package prices according to the customer care department when I called says no matter if you own the modem or rent it, its the same. modems change so often. I have been with Rogers internet now for 5 years. I have seen so many modems come and go. Any chance of saving money I am going to jump on it. GCL and Shomi are a great value to have in these packages. I assume people are going to get mad as the switch to the hybrid fibre pacakges and now they will need to switch again. Isnt it worth the hold to save money however?

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I've Been Here Awhile

how much will it be after the first 3 months ..the package

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I'm a Trusted Contributor

It is all on the Website:


Just click on "details" to see the pricing after 3 months. Basically, you save $25 for the first 3 months. Also, from what I have read elsewhere, if you currently have a retention deal, you will lose it!

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

Yeah, if you click on the little + it will show the REGULAR prices.

the 30/5 and 60/10 packages.. are $2-3 MORE than their current  hybrid equivelents.
(but, you are gaining about $25 of subscriptions from shomi and GCL)


The 250 package.. is apparently a good $25 cheaper than the hybrid equivelent w/unlimited added on. (plus the subscriptions)

The 100 package is a tossup.  Its SLOWER than before (used to be 150 on hybrid), but you are gaining unlimited.  Its at about the same price as before for it without the unlimted addon.  So its really a trade of less speed, for unlimited. (plus the subscriptions)


But as JohhnyRockets, mentioned... and this is the big thing.



At least currently it appears you have to change all your other services to the NEW bundles to change to this internet.

IF you have any retention deals.. other discounts on other services, etc (x% off, etc) you will likely loose them.

IF you are just on regular pricing.. than you should be fine... but still worth them comparing the NEW bundle price vs what you are paying, just to make sure!

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I'm a Reliable Contributor

If the only difference in the new modem is that it has 802.11ac then that is a waste for those of us running in bridge mode since we don't care about the router/wifi capabilities.


I never bought a CGN3 since the product is not so great and I always figured they would come out with a better 24 channel modem from a more reputable company like Moto/Arris or Cisco.

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I'm a Reliable Contributor

According to a Tweet from @RogersHelps, the CGN3 modem will work with the Ignite service.

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Couple of points here since I started a separate thread yesterday about the new plans.


1. I moved yesterday from HF250 to Ignite 250u. Simple phone call - did NOT have to upgrade modem from CGN3. It works just fine. No change in DL/UL performance. None.


2. I posted the specs yesterday of the CGN3ACR (got it from Rogers) on theis thread:


It is pretty obvious that the MODEM part of the CGN3/CGN3ACR is the same capability. The newer one adds WiFi AC so if that is important to you, then swap for the new one when you can.


3. For those like me running a separate AC router in bridge mode, I see no need to swap the CGN3 for the CGN3ACR.


4. For those who are complaining about the modem fee no longer being broken out in a separate line, I get it. But depending on the tier you choose, and whether you had unlimited before, the new plan (at least the 250 I have) is still CHEAPER even if I OWNED the modem (I don't - always rent; don't trust them). The HF 250 BEFORE modem rental of $12 was, I think, $91. So yes, if you own your own modem then the new price is 94.99 so yes that is more. But that's not the fairest comparison I think. Since the Ignite 250u is unlimited, you have to compare the unlimited packages. The HF 250 with unlimited was 115.99 before the modem. So even if you own your own modem, you save.


Now of course if you did not have, and don't really need unlimited then yes I see the point. But even though the modem can't be deducted anymore, there is significant additional value in the unlimited packages (for those of us that want/need it). 


Bottom line, it is not the modem rental or non-rental that is the issue as I see it. It is that Rogers is stealthily encouraging us to move up the food chain to higher capacity plans, and making the lure the unlimited for the 100+ plans.


Speaking personally, this is a win-win for me - same package, different name, less money. I am one of the happy campers.


Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I've Been Here Awhile

When I got my modem today I was told it is included in the plan.

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I Plan to Stick Around

The CGN3 works with both 100U and 250U. (I'm running the CGN3 in bridge mode). The new Hitron Router / modem supports 802.11ac. I have my own router that does I upgraded my internet package to 100U yesterday. Was up and running in 5 minutes.All is well with streaming Netflix and Shomi and, whatever else. Rogers Speedtest consistently at 130+MbpsUL/11+MbpsDL. Sorry should read - 130+MbpsDL/ 11+MbpsUL.

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

People complain that Canada/US pays some of the highest prices for internet in the world (vs some other countries).. and i wont argue that..

But at least.. we do get MORE for the $ now..

Looks like the pricing is up now for the 1gbps/50mbps service.

Less than 2 years ago... when the 150mbps plan was the highest there was.. it was $150.  Then the 250mbps plan fell in that price range. 

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I've Been Around

if I have a 2 year contract till August 2016...uphold my end of the my part...face penalties and fees if I don't...that Rogers is able to drop channels and raise prices, etc?

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

@jdtippin wrote:

if I have a 2 year contract till August 2016...uphold my end of the my part...face penalties and fees if I don't...that Rogers is able to drop channels and raise prices, etc?

On my two-year contract, at least, what I've seen is that the price listed on the invoice goes up, but so does the discount shown on the next line, so the net result is that you're paying the same as what Rogers committed to... 


Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

I'm a Trusted Contributor
That may be true if you have a discount, but if you don't then yes, you are paying more for less.

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

As a Rogers customer in the same home for 21 years, I have heard TOO many times that there are no longer any 'contracts'  The letter that I got in December which said that customers with a 'current price plan' (formerly a contract) would not be paying that extra add on for each service.   I currently have a 'price plan' on my cable and did not see a price increase.  The nomenclature seems to affect who does and who does not get a price increase.  I had been paying more than $60 for my home phone.  Basic with LD (an extra $20 a month)   A clerk at the local store advised me to call because the current price is $20 per month with Canadian LD Unlimited.  Best advice is to constantly check your invoice against the current prices.   I am pleased with the services that I receive from Rogers in comparison to other Service Providers.  I just keep checking that invoice !!   It is the only of my monthly payments which I will not sign up for direct debit.

Re: *NEW* Internet Pricing and Plan comparison

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

There are most definately 'contracts', if you want them.

You dont have to get a contract.. but you often then will always pay LIST price as per on the site.

But you can then leave/cancel, etc at any time, with no issues.

Getting the contract, often will etitle you to additional discounts.
(Eg: Currently i am on a %25 off phone/net/tv deal, off of the list prices).

SOME of the contracts, do appear to have 'price protection' on them as well.   WIth the last increase, i doesnt appear mine has gone up.

Being on the contracts doesnt always mean you CAN NOT change anything either.  There will be some limiations depending on the contract..  Need to keep the 3 services.. you may have to have a MINIMUM internet 60 plan, etc.  But if a NEW plan comes out which FITS the criteria.. you can switch to it and still retain your contract discounts.

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