NB3 Absoulute GARBAGE!

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Re: NB3 Absoulute GARBAGE!

We were so excited to get the Nextbox 3.0 and be able to record 8 show simultaneously. If we had only known then what we know now. We are on our second Nextbox which is starting to exhibit the same malfunctions as the first. We have called about it and they didn't have an answer, but assured us the techs would work on it and get back to us. Still waiting and the problems are piling up. Just like our first box, it now quits working and once you reboot it, all your scheduled programs have been deleted. 


We had to turn our first box in and lost many of the season premieres of our programs and some weren't offered On Demand. So now in addition to paying rent on faulty boxes, we are having to purchase episodes to stay current on our programs. Still waiting.


I won't even start on how they told us on a Friday that the box was faulty but they would send a tech out late Monday. Did he bring a replacement with him...no! We had to do that ourselves and then "mistakenly" got charged for a service call.


Nextbox 3.0...save your money or look at another service. The lemonade from these lemons still leaves a bitter taste.