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The new Navigatr PVR software rolled out this morning, in select areas (Newmarket, Oshawa, Ajax, Brampton, Mississauga and Milton). I live in Aurora, and I guess that lumps us in with Newmarket, because my 8642HD's update started around 3:10AM this morning, and completed about 40 minutes later.


I should be happy, right?

Nope! The update WIPED MY DRIVE. It now shows "0% full". And none of my Scheduled Recordings were carried over.


I rebooted.. because you never know, might just be a first-time startup glitch. Nope, they're gone.


In anticipation of the update happening this AM, shortly after midnight, while still on the old Guide software, I took a video with my phone of me scrolling through my Recordings, so I'd know what I was missing (so I could try to find as much of it as I could online, if the need arose). My 500GB drive was 84.8% full, with over 100 recordings. Now it's empty.


I was able to do an online chat with a Rogers tech (@4:45AM) to alert them to the issue, and to implore them to stop the rollout of the software immediately - for everyone's sake. Of course, my complaint was the first they'd heard of it. "The software was tested extensively..." I was told. They always say that though..



Before the Navigatr update:


4 hrs later, after Navigatr was installed:


Don't know what will happen next, but I will be amazed if they can somehow recover my drive.


Post if the same happened to you.


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I'm a Reliable Contributor

I just called Rogers and they said they will me a $25 on my next bill.


I only lost 1 hour.


I wonder if others who fared worst than I did can get more?


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Not sure if my 8642 box is wiped or not.  I can see all my old recordings but when I try to watch any of them all I get is a black screen although according to the on-screen display they are playing but the fast forward or reverse funtion is inoperable.  However, I can watch programs that were recorded yesterday after the NAVIGATR rollout and use the fast forward and reverse functions for those.  Very wierd!


Also the screen view of the recordings is by most recent.  There is an option to order them alphabetically but it does not work.


I called Rogers last night and waited almost an hour to speak to someone.  Made my feelings known. The rep. I spoke to acknowledged there had been problems with the rollout to 8642 boxes and said that my issue had been escalarted to the Tech. Dept. for a siolution.  However I am not holding my breath for a fix.  My guess is that we will all have to accept their apology for "the inconvenience" and just suck it up.


I agree with all the other posters.  This is a major screwup by Rogers.  Can you imagine the uproar if Apple or Microsoft rolled out a new operating system that did something similar!


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Maybe the NB2 and NB3 have a different type of FAT or it's stored in a different place, and NAVIGATR just can't see it on the NB2.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario


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May all depend on how much you lost, how many times you've called in previously to complain of NextBox related issues, and how persistent you are.  If you only lost an hour of recordings you;re lucky.  Some may have just returned from vacation and have lost 2 weeks or more. 


If anyone lost episodes of a program that you can't find in the regular OnDemand channels you may want to request free access for a while to Shomi if the programs you missed are available there.


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Has anyone had any luck getting in touch with Rogers? I have been on hold with them for half an hour already. I think this problem is far worse than they anticipated when they directed us to call customer care if this happened to us! Now the least they should do is give us more internet bandwidth to watch online the shows we lost. Finally got through to customer care. The rep said this is the first she's heard if this. Well why the 30 minute wait on hold then? Fishy.