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The new Navigatr PVR software rolled out this morning, in select areas (Newmarket, Oshawa, Ajax, Brampton, Mississauga and Milton). I live in Aurora, and I guess that lumps us in with Newmarket, because my 8642HD's update started around 3:10AM this morning, and completed about 40 minutes later.


I should be happy, right?

Nope! The update WIPED MY DRIVE. It now shows "0% full". And none of my Scheduled Recordings were carried over.


I rebooted.. because you never know, might just be a first-time startup glitch. Nope, they're gone.


In anticipation of the update happening this AM, shortly after midnight, while still on the old Guide software, I took a video with my phone of me scrolling through my Recordings, so I'd know what I was missing (so I could try to find as much of it as I could online, if the need arose). My 500GB drive was 84.8% full, with over 100 recordings. Now it's empty.


I was able to do an online chat with a Rogers tech (@4:45AM) to alert them to the issue, and to implore them to stop the rollout of the software immediately - for everyone's sake. Of course, my complaint was the first they'd heard of it. "The software was tested extensively..." I was told. They always say that though..



Before the Navigatr update:


4 hrs later, after Navigatr was installed:


Don't know what will happen next, but I will be amazed if they can somehow recover my drive.


Post if the same happened to you.


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I'm a Reliable Contributor

@jesjuju wrote:

 disaster: all my recordings are gone.  All schedules for future recordings also wiped out.  


Any idea if these are recoverable?  if so, how?


We are all waiting to hear. I personally see no reason for optimism.

I have never seen it mentioned, nor did the Rogers tech I chatted with last night ever say "No need to panic, the recordings are kept on a different partition to the Guide software".  For all I know that may be true, but if it were I would think given the fact that some people have been having their PVR's drive wiped after a major guide update since at least 2011, it would be common knowledge.


As I was up last night anticipating the update, I noted what was happening on my PVR's display and on-screen.

I don't know if it will help Rogers Techs see what went wrong, but here's my log:

  1. 3:10AM: live tv interrupted - Downloading updates (brief)
  2. TV live playback resumed
  3. 3:20AM, Downloading...
    front panel: alphanumeric countdown in format "r9DF", "r9DE", "r9DD" etc (5 mins to complete)
    on-screen msg about software upgrade (brief, on old 8300 type background), then black(nothing)
    front panel: "r9DF" countdown again (3-4 minutes to complete)
    "-" (flashing, for a few seconds)
    "-00-" for a few seconds, followed by "–01-"
    on-screen: blank blue(violet?) screen, while front panel still on "-01-"
    front panel: after pause of 30secs "–03-", then fairly quickly "–04-" & "–05-" (long delay on "-5-".. approx 7 mins)
    front panel: "LoAd"
    on-scren: black, blank - for about 1 minute
    front panel: clock (actual time) appears
    on-screen: loading circle w %age & progress bar in LR corner (3 minutes to complete)
  4. PVR power is off, I waited a minute and with no sign of any further update activity, pressed Power on remote
    time: 3:46AM
    screen shows "WELCOME TO YOUR NEW TV GUIDE" Navigatr first-run screen


Although it is a tremendous inconvenience, the wiped drive on the 8642 pvr is not unrecoverable. All that is needed is for the data to be recovered and then restored to it. From what I've read, it may be that Rogers may do this for you if asked nicely. hmmmm, maybe that asking to much of us. hehe


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And where exactly did you read this?


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I, too, have the 8642hd (NB2). A 1TB PVR extender is attached. I also lost all recordings with the navigator update. Additionally:

  1. The time is no longer displayed while the unit is off
  2. PIN must be entered each time unit turned on (parental controls)
  3. Settings not available (just a gray screen)
  4. Showmi and ROD not working. Titles will display, but upon selection of a program, unit reponds that nothing is available


I just subscribed to Rogers last month. I chose the VIP Ultimate with TMN package along with rental of their nextbox. I have no idea why they sent me the nextbox 2 instead of the newest version. It is so slow, and now this mess.


From other posts, it appears that NB3 users aren't having the deleted recordings issues that NB2 users are. This suggests that Rogers did not test the new software on the NB2 before rolling it out. I'm trying to decide if that was incompetence or negligence on their part, or a bit of both. I have to wonder if Rogers will continue with the rollout given the issues. I also wonder if there will be any sort of public statement claiming responsibility along with a problem to fix what was broken.



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I see the following announcement has been posted by Rogers. Not sure if this is reported elsewhere on these forums, but here it is. 


Earlier today we deployed a software upgrade for our NextBox cable boxes to some customers in Ontario. As a result of human error, some customers with older PVRs may not be able to see their recorded shows. Furthermore, in some cases customers may be prompted for a PIN to access their guide.


As soon as we discovered the problem, we immediately stopped rolling out the software. We sincerely apologize to our customers for this inconvenience.


If you are having a problem with your PIN, please go to your MyRogers account to reset it, or you can call the call centre and a rep would be happy to reset it for you.


If you are having problems seeing your recordings on your PVR, please call customer care to discuss your account at 1-888-Rogers1.