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The new Navigatr PVR software rolled out this morning, in select areas (Newmarket, Oshawa, Ajax, Brampton, Mississauga and Milton). I live in Aurora, and I guess that lumps us in with Newmarket, because my 8642HD's update started around 3:10AM this morning, and completed about 40 minutes later.


I should be happy, right?

Nope! The update WIPED MY DRIVE. It now shows "0% full". And none of my Scheduled Recordings were carried over.


I rebooted.. because you never know, might just be a first-time startup glitch. Nope, they're gone.


In anticipation of the update happening this AM, shortly after midnight, while still on the old Guide software, I took a video with my phone of me scrolling through my Recordings, so I'd know what I was missing (so I could try to find as much of it as I could online, if the need arose). My 500GB drive was 84.8% full, with over 100 recordings. Now it's empty.


I was able to do an online chat with a Rogers tech (@4:45AM) to alert them to the issue, and to implore them to stop the rollout of the software immediately - for everyone's sake. Of course, my complaint was the first they'd heard of it. "The software was tested extensively..." I was told. They always say that though..



Before the Navigatr update:


4 hrs later, after Navigatr was installed:


Don't know what will happen next, but I will be amazed if they can somehow recover my drive.


Post if the same happened to you.


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"My 1GB drive was 84.8% full, with over 100 recordings"


Said it before, will say it again.  If you use your PVR for anything more than temporary timeshifiting, you're inviting trouble.

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Why am I not surprised? This sounds eerily similar to what they did a few years ago with the 8300 PVRs. In this case, there was a new version of SARA rolled out which caused major issues and multiple complaints. Among them were wiped out recordings and a hard drive spinning up and down issue. Many customers begged and pleaded with Rogers to stop the rollout until they could figure out what was wrong. Did Rogers listen? Not a chance! They merrily went on their way messing up customer hardware and doing nothing more than apologizing for the inconvenience. If you called them up to report your issues you were likely to be told that this was the first time they had heard of such an issue. One year later and customers were still reporting issues. Rogers likely spent more time coming up with a fix than they did in testing the new software. One can only hope that somewhere along the line, Rogers will finally learn!

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@Lurker - oh I know. I don't archive anything that has been watched. Frequent vacations and trips out of town mean things build up faster than we can watch them.

Apart from Top Gear(16 episodes dating back to December) and a full season of Motive, everything else was since June.

If we could back up our PVRs, it wouldn't be so bad. But nope, copy protection and encryption put an end to that.
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Yep, mine too! Seriously? So stupid! At first I was locked out of every channel - Parental Controls. When I put in my pin I still can't open my Settings menu to change anything. Rebooted, still can't access settings. My other NextBox - not PVR - no parental controls needed and no Settings issues.

Really frustrated about losing everything. All my upcoming recordings are gone too...


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I really don't like the new format of the guide and programming areas.  This new and improved look may be tested and such but I really want my old (classic) view back.  I liked it and was very happy with it.

The series programmed used to be easy to spot (little symbol on the list.  Now it shows how many are scheduled but not if it is a series .


What bothers me the most is the way this was snuck out in the middle of the night whether I wanted it or not.  Couldn't they make it optional.  I don't download every little update to my home systems or my phone because once I find something that works well for me I like it to stay that way.  Oddly enough just last night my wife and I were talking about how much we were enjoying the new netbox with pvr.  This morning I'm not so sure that still applies.



SOMEBODY PLEASE PUT IT BACK.  or at least let me choose the new look or the old one.

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NAVIGATR deleted my PVR, which was only 34% full. Very unimpressive. I'd like to get that stuff back.
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Resident Expert
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Unfortunately, there is no real way to get it back. 
its not recorded anywhere else, etc.

Unfortunately, with ANY pvr from ANY company.. none of them will EVER gaurantee any recordings.  😞
Technically when you pay for TV, you are paying for the license to WATCH the show, not to KEEP it.  That we can kind of with the PVR is a bonus.. but not gauranteed 😞


not saying this is RIGHT.  Far from it.  No no one should have to loose ANYTHING..

Just saying the legal facts, etc stuff behind it.

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Resident Expert
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Anyone replying that theirs has been wiped.

Can you please say WHICH model box you have?  Just in case there is some corilation.


eg: looking at someone who has a NB2 and NB3.. nb3 was fine, NB2 was wiped.

Just in case, this is something which then ONLY happens on the NB2.

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Hi @theClubHopper


We’re sorry to hear that you’ve lost your recordings with the update to Navigatr.


At this time we are aware of the loss of recordings for some customer with the new guide update and apologize for the inconvenience.


I'm going to have someone reach out to you from @CommunityHelps in a private message, please check your messages from the envelope icon in the top right hand side of your screen.