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The new Navigatr PVR software rolled out this morning, in select areas (Newmarket, Oshawa, Ajax, Brampton, Mississauga and Milton). I live in Aurora, and I guess that lumps us in with Newmarket, because my 8642HD's update started around 3:10AM this morning, and completed about 40 minutes later.


I should be happy, right?

Nope! The update WIPED MY DRIVE. It now shows "0% full". And none of my Scheduled Recordings were carried over.


I rebooted.. because you never know, might just be a first-time startup glitch. Nope, they're gone.


In anticipation of the update happening this AM, shortly after midnight, while still on the old Guide software, I took a video with my phone of me scrolling through my Recordings, so I'd know what I was missing (so I could try to find as much of it as I could online, if the need arose). My 500GB drive was 84.8% full, with over 100 recordings. Now it's empty.


I was able to do an online chat with a Rogers tech (@4:45AM) to alert them to the issue, and to implore them to stop the rollout of the software immediately - for everyone's sake. Of course, my complaint was the first they'd heard of it. "The software was tested extensively..." I was told. They always say that though..



Before the Navigatr update:


4 hrs later, after Navigatr was installed:


Don't know what will happen next, but I will be amazed if they can somehow recover my drive.


Post if the same happened to you.


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It's happened and despite the various comments, it HAS happened to me as recent as this year. To say that this occurrence is rare is inaccurate and misleading. Just read the previous posts.


Most posts in this thread and on this forum (and other forums), where navigatr has wiped drives, was not on the 9865

Not to say that it had NEVER happened, as I am sure there are a few cases, etc.

But statistically wise.  The reports of the 9865 wiping the contents, vs the 8642, is a very small %.
And of all the 9865s which it did happen on, of all the many thousands or more possibly of the unit out there, again would be a very small %
Compared to, say with the 8642, in which i would say it was 50% or higher wipe rate with them.


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Very well put. The vast majority of "wipes" were with those unlucky people who got the Navigatr upgrade (from RTN) on July 28, 2015.  The others were 8642s upgraded from SARA to Navigatr in the past month.


My conjecture is that these units had a "factory reset" when the upgrade occurred incorrectly written into the upgrade code.    During the many firmware updates since July 28th, 2015 (outside of the SARA upgrade this past month) there were very few reports of wiped drives, even on the 8642s (NB2).


There were even fewer reports of wiped drives on the 9865 (NB3).  As you say, there may have been a few, but reports of 9865 wipes are few and far between.


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UPDATE UPDATE: My HD situation was particularly egregious. After the Rogers Navigatr update wiped my Explorer 8642HD that I paid for in full, it continued to erase itself repeatedly. It was rebooting and erasing itself after every single recording was completed.


I took to twitter to vent my frustration.  Every single time it happened. I think @RogersHelps finally realized I wouldn't stop and sent me a NextBox 3.0. This works well with the Navigatr and has not re-booted yet (fingers crossed). If your machine refuses to  work, let Rogers know. Do not settle for non-functioning devices due to a forced update.



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@robmcj  I will support you on your opinion about this whole situation.


Irrespective of whether historically, most of the next box 3's did not experience loss of data and very rare failures of hardware or firmware requiring replacement,  for those who experience it, in particular when this upgrade is forced on a perfectly functioning, owned box, these people are going to come here and other places to do a combination of ranting or trying to get answers.


The bottom line for me, is the history of Navigatr is that it has been ripe for errors from day one, that it is much more stable now than it used to be, but there are no shortage of people who have to live through a wide range of experiences resulting from poor design, lack of testing, with ranges of issues from minor inconvenience to catastrophic failure (ie, unusable or completely lost functionality you had before - that is the technical definition of that type of failure in the industry).


So, all of us can hypothesis based upon past data, experiences we have gone through with the implementation of two years, but this new one can be considered to be a completely new implementation and rollout, and people who are losing their use of their owned boxes, need to do as described.


Go to Rogers using whatever communication modality you wish and demand a replacement box and some kind of retribution for this.


Just my opinion on this one, is that if someone is saying there box is failing after the upgrade in significant ways, that the recommendation, is push Rogers to replace it.  They chose not to roll out this recent build to these boxes from day one, for whatever reason, to decide to do so now, they need to bear some responsibility.


Glad you got a new box.