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The new Navigatr PVR software rolled out this morning, in select areas (Newmarket, Oshawa, Ajax, Brampton, Mississauga and Milton). I live in Aurora, and I guess that lumps us in with Newmarket, because my 8642HD's update started around 3:10AM this morning, and completed about 40 minutes later.


I should be happy, right?

Nope! The update WIPED MY DRIVE. It now shows "0% full". And none of my Scheduled Recordings were carried over.


I rebooted.. because you never know, might just be a first-time startup glitch. Nope, they're gone.


In anticipation of the update happening this AM, shortly after midnight, while still on the old Guide software, I took a video with my phone of me scrolling through my Recordings, so I'd know what I was missing (so I could try to find as much of it as I could online, if the need arose). My 500GB drive was 84.8% full, with over 100 recordings. Now it's empty.


I was able to do an online chat with a Rogers tech (@4:45AM) to alert them to the issue, and to implore them to stop the rollout of the software immediately - for everyone's sake. Of course, my complaint was the first they'd heard of it. "The software was tested extensively..." I was told. They always say that though..



Before the Navigatr update:


4 hrs later, after Navigatr was installed:


Don't know what will happen next, but I will be amazed if they can somehow recover my drive.


Post if the same happened to you.


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I'm a Reliable Contributor


It's really sad that each customer has to haggle individually with Rogers reps for compensation. Think of the time wasted with people waiting on hold when reps could be solving real problems. It's like dealing with car salesmen. Some people will get sweet deals while others nothing if they're not agressive enough.


I agree completely.


Anyone else notice that the details of compensation that one member posted the other day he'd accepted has been removed from this thread, while other similar posts by others, who settled for far less, still stand intact?


If the game Rogers wants us to play is "every man for himself", then surely its inevitible that some us who fight harder are going to get more than others, and that we customers are to accept that? Selectively removing the results of the game is NOT fair play, Rogers. But then playing fair clearly isn't your forté, is it?


In any case, I finally spoke with a manager on Friday afternoon as a result of my request for escalation via the Contact Us form on Tuesday (about Navigatr deficiencies).  The bulk of our 20-minute+ conversation led infuriatingly nowhere - as he had nothing new to add as he was actually web-based C/S and not from the Navigatr/TV team and nor was he from the Office of the President (which is what another C/S employee looking at my file on Wednesday had told me). So he was powerless to do anything other than "pass it on" which is what my letter demanded in the first place. Near the end of the conversation, I broached the subject of the compensation that was offered, unsolicited, and that was meagre if not insulting - and that I had refused to accept.


When I told him what I would instead accept, which happened to be the same as what was accepted by the aforementioned poster (though not beause of it), he told me that's "not possible" (bad choice of words). When I said I was aware that it was, as I'd seen another customer online state he'd agreed to it, he flat out said: "that person was LYING".


I pushed some more, with explanation, and he conceded by offering something that was slightly more than his original offer but still miles from what I was asking. I argued my case some more and eventually got him to up his offer -- not even halfway close to what we were originally discussing but -- what I feel is the absolute minimum Rogers SHOULD have offered ALL affected customers, right from the beginning.


If that had been offered instead, those customer who accepted the 6x ROD and $15 bill(or slightly more) credit would have been SUPER PLEASED with Rogers rather than grumblingly "agreeable", and those of us who were insulted by the offer made would have -almost certainly, I think- have also been PLEASED that Rogers was doing the right to MAKE AMMENDS for what has happened.


Because after all, if your PVR was wiped out, how the heck does 6x ROD movies and $15 bill credit even begin to make up for your loss?  And if the worst that happened was your PVR functionality is crippled now vs what it was prior to Navigatr, shouldn't it be $15 bill credit EVERY MONTH until they fix it?


The point is: Rogers needs a fire lit under their (well, under them) and having to hand out a few hundred or few thousand token gesture offerings isn't going to change a thing! If this was an expensive screw up, you can be sure things would change to make sure this doesn't ever happen again.


In any case, I did NOT agree to accept the improved compensation package at that time - as the Account is not actually under my name and that person was out of the country this week (and let me tell you not at all happy when she came home!) and we need some time to explore our options about where we go from here.. no point in accepting something that we're possibly not even going to use.


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We only hear from people who have had problems with the NAVIGATR roll out. I wonder if there are those who have not experienced any problems with either the NextBox 2 or 3.


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Sounds like you live in an area yet to be infected, or a shill !

Keep smiling !


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@jays77 wrote:
We only hear from people who have had problems with the NAVIGATR roll out. I wonder if there are those who have not experienced any problems with either the NextBox 2 or 3.

See message 148 in New Nexbox Navigator thread on page 15:



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Anyone having an issue with Nextbox 3 being stuck with message DNLD. Was stuck at that on Friday night. Was away over weekend and message is still there today (Monday ). Tried rebooting several times and nothing