MyRogers - Temporary Password

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MyRogers - Temporary Password

Hi. Rogers sent me a temporary password but when i used it to change my password it told that the temp. Password is incorrect. Been dealing with this for days now. I need your help guys.


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Re: MyRogers - Temporary Password

Try a chat session with a rep?

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Re: MyRogers - Temporary Password

Hello ekayilagan
You can try contact Rogers via Rogers Live Chat. See if they are able to help u with recovering it for u. You can also contact Rogers via their Facebook and Twitter pages to see if they can as well!



Updated 2015


The Temporary password that is sent to you from is only valid for 24 hours, if you do not reset the password in that 24 hour period then you will need to chat back into our Live Chat team and have them reset the password again. It is best to attempt to sign in with the temporary password given while still chatting with one of our Live Chat Consultants to ensure you are able to access your account. 

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Re: MyRogers - Temporary Password

 Very Happy


Not sure where else to post this, but I just wanted to say that I am very happy with Rogers Support Services. I wanted to check the status of my bill but couldn't remember my password. The one temporary password I recieved didn't work so I got locked out of my account for 24 hours, then when the 24 hours were up I got a new temporary password, but then couldn't change my password because of the one error message (can't remember exactly what it said but was mentioned several times on the Community Help Forums). I then went to Facebook and Privage Messaged them. About an hour or so through all the hastle etc, Rogers was able to give me a new temp password, and after a little more hastle, I was finally able to log in.


I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with how Rogers Support helped me sign into my account. Thanks rogers 🙂



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Re: MyRogers - Temporary Password



Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experience with the Community 🙂

We are happy we are able to resolve the issue for you.