My5 prepaid plan

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My5 prepaid plan

i used to have a plan that had the my5 and unlimited calling after 6pm i think it was along with texting and that

it was an amazing prepaid plan but i had to cut down because i couldnt afford the 40$ or 60$ i cant remember how much it was, i recently got a job and really want to switch back to that prepaid plan but it isnt desplayed anymore.. is there a way of switching back to it or adding my5 calling on to a plan. please respond as soon as possible


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Re: My5 prepaid plan

Hello kittycat771

That plan for pre paid does not exist anymore. They took it off. They have these plans. You can choice from which ever one you want.



Talk and Text 40


local incoming calls5

local evening calls
(6 pm – 7 am)5

local weekend calls
(Fri 6 pm – Mon 7 am)5 



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Re: My5 prepaid plan

As meowmix said.. that specific plan does not exist anymore.

As time goes on they make new plans, etc.. and the old ones are no longer available to be signed up for.. BUT if you still have one on your account, it will be GRANDFATHERED, and you can still use it (not be forced to a new one).

So you will have to find the best fit for yourself, like the one meowmix listed, or a different one.

One good thing now, there is no penalties, etc to switch plans anymore, etc.  So you could literaly every month switch to a new plan if it suited your needs.

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Re: My5 prepaid plan

i also have a my 10 plan - hate it as I can only change it once a month....and since I am moving lately a lot its a problem. 

I pay $60 a month. - 200 weekday mins, unlim evening and weekends, plus unlim txt, and data. 

$40 that you quoted seems cheap.....Can I find a better plan...I need canada wide (ontario and quebec actually) long distance  . so now  Im wondering if keeping my 10 is better or shuold I switch.???georgie lin