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My frustrated experience with Rogers' customer services and store services

I've Been Here Awhile

I reserved my iphone 6 on Nov 27 10:30pm online by selecting upgrade from my existing plan. On Dec 5, I went to store to pick up the new phone.  A gentleman beside me is served the same as me. He was picking up his new iphone 6  64 GB.  The store representative told him that the price is $374 and he told the rep saying it should be the price matching with future shop at Black Friday @ $274. Then the store rep helped to call Rogers Customer services and the gentleman secured the price matching @$274 through the phone. Then I asked my rep to call customer center and to do the same. She did call and was told by Customer Services that they cannot triggered the date that I reserved my phone so they cannot do the price matching at that moment. At that moment my old phone was doing the data transfer so I was not able to check my reservation email and I cannot remember the reservation date. So the store rep told me to go home and go Rogers online for a live chat with a rep to find out the reservation date and then call customer service to ask for price matching. I followed the instruction and did it. When I called customer services, they said in my account no such note for price matching and they are not able to see future shop’s black Friday’s flyer anymore. Then I told the customer service the whole story and also mentioned the gentleman at store he successfully secured the price matching over the phone. So the customer services asked me to go back to the store and ask the store rep to put a note about that gentleman’s price matching info into my account. I went to the store then. From then on, the sad story began. First the lady served me didn’t work on that day (Dec 12). Another lady told me that I am not applicable for price matching as the price matching ended in Dec 1 but my upgraded plan signed on Dec 5. This is totally not consistent from what the previous lady told me. That lady told me to go home and find my reservation date so I can call to ask for price matching. I explained to the lady that I did select upgrade my phone on line when I reserved the iphone 6 on Nov 27 but the new phone was not ready till they called me on Dec 4 and I went to pick it up on Dec 5. It is not my fault that I cannot upgrade my plan before Dec 1. Plus when I picked up the new phone, the store rep asked me to go home to find out the date of reservation in order to proceed for price matching. If I am not qualified because of the upgrade date, why not tell me on the spot when I picked up the phone on Dec 5.  I was following the store instruction to call customer service then following customer service to come back to store but they just don’t speak consistently. Then the store rep put me through to customer service over the phone. And I explained the whole thing one more time. The customer services lady said she just cannot do anything but put me on hold for a few minutes then come back to me say let’s each go half way by she will give me $50 credit to my account. I asked why. She said she just wanted to make me happy. I said I am already not happy. Feeling like a ball, being kicked back and forth. I said I will express this into Rogers’s customer service survey. Then the lady was kind of freak out. She said she supposed not to give me any credit. she did this personally just want to make me happy. If I am going to do the survey stuff, she won’t give me any single cent.  I am fine with it. But I am truly so upset for her words. I have been with Roger’s for years. This experience is very hurting. I won’t recommend any single friend for Roger’s services and I am going to terminate my Roger’s services at my easies convenience.



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Re: My frustrated experience with Rogers' customer services and store services

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Bigest thing out of all of this.. is the INCONSISTANCIES of the reps, their knoledge of what can/cant be done.

in the end.. PRICE MATCH.. is based off the PURCHASE date.. the date you actually PAY FOR the stuff. 
Not reserved it, etc.

If its not that price on the day that you are buying it... they can not price match.

ANY rep that was saying otherwise...was WRONG.

(and the one rep that gave that other guy the price while at the store.. SHOULDNT have).

I dont work for rogers... but this is general price match policy... across the board.  ANY retailer, would tell you the same thing.
(so even switching companies.. the other guys, would have 99% likely told you the exact same thing if you were with them)

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