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My brothers bill

I've Been Around

Hi my name is Jason, I'm Andrew 's brother. The reason I'm writing you is that my brother who's account this is in an induced coma and will b until the swelling around his brain comes down. He is in the military and the reason I brought that up is cause of doing so he was hurt very badly and nearly lost his life. He's had 5 surgeries so far to try and repair the damage in which he received but each time they fix 1 thing they seem to find 2 more things that need fixing. I know that his billing is high right now but we're just waiting for the military to release his file so he can receive his money's and all his personal belongings. I my self can't give anything except maybe 100$ as all my money has been spent on hotels and traveling back and fourth to see lawyers and the people at the military base. I'm not at liberty right now to talk about the matters surrounding his case as I myself could be charged. So I'm just asking if there's anyway that you's can reframe from closing his account. The lawyers are trying to hurry up the release of his personal belongings n soon as that happens we will b able to start paying you and everyone else in which is waiting for payment from him. I know it's been awhile but please just if you'd can hold off a little bit longer you would be doing us all a Huge favour.


Re: My brothers bill


Hello @Warhero86,


My sympathies on the tough times you and your family are going through. Since Community is a public platform, we've reached out to you via PM from CommunityHelps.


Looking forward to hearing from you.





Re: My brothers bill

I Plan to Stick Around
As a current serving member this has red flags all over the place! Where was he hurt? As there havn't been any serious injuries in deployments lately. And what base are you going To. As in Canada any surgeries are done the hospital and not in CF Bases
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