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My Rogers Experience

I've Been Around

I would just like to post to share my experiences with Rogers over the years. 


Rogers has proven to be one of the most predatory, soulless, and despicable companies I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with. As a Canadian, my only choice in internet providers are all a part of the same corporate cartel or even owned by the same company. This has naturally led to some of the most expensive--and overall worse--internet service in the world. Bandwidth caps are absurdly low and cost outrageous sums of money if you violate them, especially when you consider that big ISPs like Rogers make profit margins in the 1000%+ range on data. 


Customer service is almost always poor, especially if you are referred higher up such as when you want to make changes or cancellations to your plans. I have had a suspicious number of "dropped calls" (somthing that doesn't actually really exist anymore in normal usage) right before a change goes through to cancel some expensive and worthless service this draconian company offers.


I would actually pay more money for worse service just for a company that isn't a part of this disgusting ISP cartel that Canada has been forced to live in. I deeply and viscerally hate every member of management of this company and I sincerely hope that Google Fiber comes around and puts you scum out of business.


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Re: My Rogers Experience

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

You will be waiting likely a long time for google fibre.. (which has its own issues lately i hear)


But, there are alternative options out there, if you dont want to pay money into any of the biger corps. (Bell, rogers, telus, etc).  Many of them offer more bandwidth, for less money.

Unfortunately, they run on rogers/bell lines.. so they are still getting their cut.


Really in the end, no matter which company you are with, if you are having a bad experience, your best option is to change companies, and hopefully you dont experience the same with the other company.

Re: My Rogers Experience

I've Been Around

I have been a Rogers customer for years and did not have an issue until recently. I was eligible for an upgrade and decided to go to Rogers to get a new phone. Once at Rogers, I was told I could not keep my plan as it was a 3 year promo plan and I had to switch over to the new two year plans. I was ok with that until I saw the prices of the new plans. I was offered a 75$ for 2GB plan when I was currently paying 60$ for 3GB. I refused and went home and immediately called customer service where I stayed on the line for about an hour. I was offered the 4GB plan for 75$ and a 100$ Credit. The representative put a note on my account about the new offer and that was the end of the call. That night, I looked at different plans offered by other companies and found one from telus that offered 2GB for 60$ and there was a promotion where I could get that plan with a premium phone(nexus 5). I was trilled as the representative at the store told me I would not find a better deal anywhere else as your company just recently price match with other providers. That was a flat out lie. So I called Rogers back the next day and told them I wanted to cancel as I saw a better deal out there. I spent another hour on the phone with your company and talked to 3 different representative (including one from fido). No one could match the offer given by telus. I was offered the same offer as the day before and fido offered a slightly better offer at 65$ but it was still not the 60$ Telus was offering. At this point I was very frustrated as i spent two hours of my time talking to your representives and nothing that satisfied me was provided. I switched to Telus that same day and could of not been happier with the service provided to me. Rogers needs to work on satisfying their customers a little bit better if they would like to keep them around.

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