My Rogers App now WiFi enabled!

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My Rogers App now WiFi enabled!

Hello everyone!  



Just a quick update on the app. This morning i saw the My Rogers app got a update and surely the update enabled the app to be used on WiFi and it gives you the option to see the First rewards.  NOW when opening the app,  it will tell you to use a log in.  Its the same log in you use to log into my Rogers site to see your bills,  account and such.  Then it will tell you to input your number and sent you a text with a 4 digit code to put into the field.  From there you are set!.  We finally got it! 🙂


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Re: My Rogers App now WiFi enabled!

Happy to see it launched as well 🙂 This was one of the first posts to IdeaBox and look how fast it was voted up and implemented.


Keep those Ideas coming!