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My PVR Extender doesn't play shows

I've Been Here Awhile

This has happened about 4 times since I bought the unit from Rogers.

I have about 1/3 of the 1TB filled and I go to play a show and it just goes to the playback channel and nothing plays.

I unplugged and reinstalled and go the message your extender  works with this PVR press select. But when I go to play the show ....nothing. If I record something new right now it will play back fine as happened before I had to go and delete all the previous recordings and start fresh again. Very frustrated with this quality of equipment.


Does anybody else have the same problem and is there a fix? I only had it for about 6 months and maybe I should try to take it back!




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Re: My PVR Extender doesn't play shows


I have not.


I will check if my PVR does the exact same.  Thanks for the information.



Re: My PVR Extender doesn't play shows

I've Been Around

I'm sending both of my PVR's back over this.  Useless junk.  Worked flawless for over a year and now I've lost everything.


Way to go rogers.



Re: My PVR Extender doesn't play shows

I Plan to Stick Around

All the problems with the PVRs are the result of the firmware updates. Despite repeated warnings from customers like me, Rogers insisted on rolling out these updates. I actually spoke with someone from Rogers Office of the President who told me point blank that the firmware updates were an "unmitigated disaster" that affected tens of thousands of customers. You're right machtenberg, "Way to go Rogers".