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My Experiance

OK I order a SIM off the rogers website Oct 2. 2012 because in the West Kootenay's (Nelson, Trail & Castlegar) of BC this no Rogers Store. The checkout procedure clearly said that it would be shipped by Canada Post Xpedited arrival 3 - 7 business days. I contacted Rogers customer service via web chat on Oct. 11, 2012 and wondered where my order was. They said it was approved Oct 3, 2012 but couldn't give any details. Oct. 12, 2012 I get an email from Rogers that the order was shipped via UPS and they give me a tracking no. 

The order arrives in Richmond on the 13th Oct. 2012 and doesn't get shipped out until the 15th Oct. 2012. OMG, it arrives finally in Castlegar on 16th of Oct. !!! Then of all things, the order get's held up due to some "mechanical failure" .Smiley Very Happy


Well screw that I called UPS and told them to hold it for pick. I dunno but maybe the sled dogs are on strike.  So here I am waiting for a phone call from someone....somewhere. Cat LOL


Rogers can we get an outlet here in the West Kooties? PLEASE!


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Re: My Experiance



Sorry to hear about your experience.


We're always working actively on improving and expanding our footprint. That definitely includes the presence of our stores. 


At that time, we don't have any info about the potential opening of a store in that area but we'd update our store locator map. 


Thanks for sharing!