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My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I'm a Senior Advisor

I found today that there has been a change in the layout for bills and payments. You will notice that it is laid out differently from before -  The first row at the top has current balance, payment information and pay now. And a drop down list for bills by date, including one at the bottom for older bills. (pre new billing format in June)




You will recognize the next screen - it is the old screen that we all knew and loved - it allowed us to go right to that page on any device, view and download Bill (PDF).  You will also note that the bill comes up very fast because, if you know how to look at the element code, you will find that it is pulling our old dated bills using an e-post link - so I guess our old bills are still over at e-post, even though I didn't start e-post for Rogers until July when everything went weird.  So I guess e-post was probably creating and storing bills.


But interesting thing began to happen (it is a bug) when I tried the link to view bills after May 31, 2015

billing 2.PNG


Some times it went back to the first view, other times, it just stayed on this view and no way to get back to the original view shown first in this post.


I logged out, closed my browser.  It didn't occur for a while, then came back.  I will give you the fix in a moment for Chrome.  Firefox and IE11 didn't create the problem.


When I closed Chrome and logged out, this is the view I came back to - I didn't even have the choice to view bills before June, 2015, I was stuck on the old bills only.


So how did I fix it?


billing 3.PNG


I closed out of all Rogers pages, went to settings and deleted cookies and plug ins.  Now that fixed it, but let me say this right up front.  Rogers tech staff, or providers, you have to stop creating browser  user interfaces, that leave cookies or plugins laying around, or something in the cache that prevents the interface from running properly with speed.


When you roll out a change, write a code for the following - if old cookies, plugins, or casched views for these sites related to Rogers pages, delete them and recreate new ones upon running of the browser user interface.


When we delete all of these, we are also deleting all of the cookies, plugins, or cache histories that are other software may be dependent on to work properly and efficiently.  The next time we go to each other web site that uses these features to provide speed, predictability, efficiently, all has to be rebuilt again.


So this dependency on that solution has to come to an end, only as a very very last resort.  There are too many places where we have to do it, sometimes fixing it, sometimes not.



As a final note, for the discussion with the person who leads this programming, how about putting a pop up link that tells us that a change has occurred with a link to a tutorial, showing how it was, and how it works now.  Not a good use of my time trying to figure this out myself, then to end up with a bug that I worked out too. A little checkbox to say "don't show again".


Well, I was officially stuck again.  Works on IE11 still, Firefox too, but I am back to  view # 3 above - can't get back to the start.


Isn't implementation of changes fun.




Please test on all devices and browsers and OS before rolling out.

Please notify us on the page of changes and provide steps to use the changes.


And hire someone or some company who has skills in Mozilla (firefox and Chrome) and dedicate some resources to fixing all the browser related issues.


Otherwise, it is a nice change.




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Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I'm a Senior Advisor

Could we please lose the Hello Bruce with the 4 tips to  using your new bill.  1 and 2, I don't think any of us care, other to remind us that you changed it.  And 3 and 4 just takes us to the overview page.  I think we all know we can find usage there too.


Then move print/view bill in pdf up to the top for those of us who actually just work with the PDF, and please put it on all devices with the same detail as in the desktop pdf and have it work the same on all devices and apps.


Just a suggestion. It would give many of us a few less things to complain about Smiley Happy


Now back to trying to use my account again.  If I ever find how to replicate it, I will post it.



Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I'm a Senior Advisor

Bruce, if you find how to replicate the page you want, bookmark it. Next time use your bookmark. If it doesn't work, clear all Rogers cookies and try again.  Even that won't work 100% of the time. It saddens me that Rogers is the only website I use where you have to jump through all these hoops and make all kinds of detours to find what you want. It's almost as if there are three teams of web developers working three shifts to "improve" the site and not communicating with each other.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I'm a Senior Advisor

Found the bug - I can replicate on Chrome have since found it in IE11 too.


So, if you sign in to, it takes you to the Rogers pagee, with Overview, Billing and Payment, Services, and Profile.


If you go to billing and payment first, not sure if this problem will replicate with only looking at current bills.


Go to billand payment - go to an old bill, view it, choose option to go to the bills after May, it will go back where you have a choice of al bills again.


But if you go to overview, then choose a service to look at, it pops over to the chosen service on the services section and provides you usage and other details.


When you go back to billing and payments, this is when the bug clicks in - It may be triggered by accessing the services on the services pages, or it may be from going over to the overview and choosing a service.  Somewhere on one of those pages, a plug in I would suspect to run the link back to the newer bills is disconnecting the link.


I don't know what caused it in IE11, I was just looking at code elements and it quit, but I don't know the steps I took.


I am done debugging, I leave it to the programmers and testers, I hope they can replicate this on their systems.


Have fun programmers.


By the way, what I have just done took me about 3 hours - this is what testing looks like.  Do everything that a user is able to do on a page -  this one is obvious - I do sometimes look at older bills when comparing a change on a current bill, then go to the overview of the service to compare the old and current bill to the service descriptions in the services tab, which is where clicks on the overview page send you to anyway.


I know it takes time to work through all possible permutations of a web site when what seemed like a minor change occurs, but you need to do everything or at least what you think people may do as much as possible, on all devices, on all browsers to make sure there isn't a tiny little bug hiding in there.


Have fun, Bruce

Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I'm a Senior Advisor



Tried the book mark option.  Still kicks it back to the page with the view bills after May and it just keeps giving it a try to create the proper page, then flips over to the page - probably grabbing it from the cookies plugins.  I now just delete them.  I don't have to delete cache or history, just cookies/plug ins.  that fixes it until the next time.  Then I have to again, clear the cookies - do you know how I would delete only the Rogers cookies/plug-ins.  Been away from this stuff for a few years, but conceptually I still know how to debug.  Just don't know where the specific cookies are stored.


BruceSmiley Mad



Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I'm a Senior Contributor

@BS  To delete only the Rogers cookies:


In Chrome:



Show Advanced Settings

Under "Privacy" hit Content Settings

All Cookies and Site Data

Enter "Rogers" in the search cookies box

Remove All Shown


In Firefox:




Remove Individual Cookies

Enter "Rogers" in the Search Box

Remove Selected


Hope that helps.  I don't use IE, so I have no details for that browser.



Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I'm a Senior Advisor

@roxandtreez  Thanks, I found it, and couldn't stay away from it.  This is really my end run at it. I could try IE, but Ihate the product, and boy is it slow running the my rogers site.  You don't realize just how much more efficient chrome and firefox are until you try IE11.  I have used edge on windows 10 and it is pretty fast too, and if you are stuck, they left backwards compatability to windows 7 software, and IE11. No support is available for anything below 10 and it is about to go too. 2020 for IE 11 at this point, that is if anybody is still using it.


Here is what I learned.  If you stay away from looking at your services usage information, details, through the services tab, or if you get there through the account overview tab.


The first thing you will see when you go back to billing, is a message saying no account is attached.

But if you click older bills, you will see the old view, but you are stuck with the bill.s


There is a cookie created from the site (2 of them, one is around 30 items, the other is around 4 and some local storage (a file in the cache, but you don't need to delete it - it is just the overview view for billing and payments it is going to.  Since there appears to be no linked account in the cookie anymore, it can't get at the new billing models after June.


If you delete the smaller cookie, with the 4 or 5 items and local storage, you will be able to then, go back to my rogers from the top of the page and everything works fine again, until you hit the services page and open a service.  Someone on the technical side needs to look at what the code is doing to the cookies located in that file (not sure which one was change - they are all the same items, just something inside the cookie is losing the account number.


If you delete some of the other cookies, you get that view we got a while back when you had a page of exclamation marks and no information, no attached accounts as another view - it all lies in the cookies - rogers support people, please learn how to direct users to the cookies so they can clear the rogers cookies only.  Nobody should ever be recommending to clear a cache or cookies and plugins, unless no one has taken the time to debug what is going on.


I haven't done a full debug, but when I ran a debug on the code in IE11 (don't know how to do it in chrome, it did create an error on one line of invalid code (it didn't have information to attached (probably the user account), so could not run that line and skipped it, thereby disabling the view bills after date link.


So, someone over there must have some debugging tools and debugging skills.  I have done most of the work for you, I hope this doesn't take long.



My skills in this area were at high level thinking, and costing, imlementation planning, all the other work I contracted, or used my internal staff.  If I had made as many errors in an implementation of many services as I have seen on this forum and personaly experienced, I would not have held my job very long.


almost makes me unwilling to push to get the marketing preferences back. I worry that something else will go wrong.


Good night, on my second drink while wathcing my movie, then to bed.


all the best and thanks for listening - hope it helps with debugging this issue, and do please pass the information around so the left hand and the right hand know what is happening.  I contacted support on this one - they didn't even know a change had been made.


BruceSmiley Wink

Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I'm a Senior Advisor

Yeh, problem solved.


Today, I could get in reliably with IE11, but Firefox and Chrome worked fine on the whole site, except it would not make a connection to the new formatted bill presentation on screen.  I tried to delete cookies only, to no avail.


So I tried deleting the cache and the cookies and this cleared the problem and it is working predictably.


Someone must have gone in and did some fixing on the code for the user interface but one of the cached pages must have contained something that blocked the change.


I will say this again, if changes are made to the sites, we the consumers should be advised if there is an issue, and when the issue is cleared, if you require us to delte cache and cookies, then tell us to do it. The help section would be a perfect place to post trouble logs and changes, new features etc, but in general, the help and FAQ section is not always current.


I will also say that there is no reason that when a change is pushed out, if the cookies and related cached items need to be cleared, code can be written to identify any cookies or cache items that are present, delete them, then create the new ones.


I now know how to delete cookies from Firefiox and Chrome that are related to rogers. No way to do it in IE11. Don't know if there is a way to get a specific items in the cache - could not find any documentation to support it.


It is unfortunate when we have to clear all cookies and cache items as it causes us to have to reset everything related to previously cached items that provide for speed and efficiency of all of our regularly used websites.  As an example, my saved user id for my many websites are all cleared when you clear cache and cookies. 


Glad to see it fixed quickly.



Now to gradually put my saved id in a secure login screen - it is stored in a cookie from Rogers that you have selected to remember you on this computer.  So you lose all of them.



Now let's get the marketing options back in profile, and hopefully it won't break things on the way.



Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I Plan to Stick Around

It seems that Rogers web programmers have abandoned Internet Explorer (version 11) compatibility. On Friday Dec 11, 2015 I got the e-mail that my bill was ready. I logged in to MyRogers using IE and chose the correct account (I have 2). The dollar amount displayed is the correct amount for the current bill as per the e-mail I received. However, the details displayed are for my May 2015 bill. And the link to "download bill" gives me the May pdf. So I figured I would wait and try another day. Today, Tuesday Dec 15, there has been no change. HOWEVER, if I log in using Chrome, the details displayed are for my current bill and it allows me to download the current pdf.


Why doesn't this work in a browser that is on millions of computers?


Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I'm a Senior Advisor

@allanp I would suggest deleting Rogers cookies in IE and maybe you'll see your current bill. However it should work without having to do that. Just bad coding. While IE has lost popularity over the years, it's by no means obsolete and no website should be incompatible with it.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

Dont think its specifically an IE issue.  Could be more account end or something


I am using IE11 on pretty much all my PCs.   I just checked on two of them (one window 7 one windows 10) using IE11 and am able to load the details fine, comes up with the correct current month, etc.

Re: My Account Changed layout for billing and payments section

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks, but that did not work. I think it is just bad coding. The other account I have with Rogers shows my current bill without any problem. But then that is not surprising as I have seen programming issues with my Rogers android apps as well. You would think a high tech company like Rogers would have better QA in the IT dept.

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