My Account Blackberry App Usage Counter

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My Account Blackberry App Usage Counter

My usage counter doesnt seem to have reset itself for this month. it still says that my last payment was due Feb 23, 2011 which was for the month of January and is saying that my next billing cycle ends March 27, 2011. However, my data usage for the month of February is still showing and still adding to it, therefore in danger of putting me over my limit.

Anyone who can shed some light on this?



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Re: My Account Blackberry App Usage Counter

Hello MegRo,


If you log in to your account then check your myrogers account; do you see the same information displayed?

If so I suggest you contact our ECARE department as they support the website.

They can advise you why the counter did not reset for the months

They can be reached at 1-888-ROGERS1


I hope this helps,