My 8642HD PVR will not reboot.

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My 8642HD PVR will not reboot.

After unpluggin my PVR box and replugging it in, it is stuck in the reboot mode with a purple screen. The display where the clock should be is circling. This has gone on all night. I tried several times to unplugg wait and replug in but the same thing happens. Also tried rebooting the box from the Rogers web page. 


What else can I try??




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Re: My 8642HD PVR will not reboot.

Hello hollywood0323 



It could be the box is fried or something.  Have you tried contact Rogers cable department and see if they can reboot the box on their end? If that doesn't work then go to ur local Rogers store and Exchange it for another box. 

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Re: My 8642HD PVR will not reboot.

That happened to me once.  Had to get a new box.


The PVR needs a real cold reset button to fully reboot the unit, or a proper power button that elegantly turns off the power to the electronics portion of the unit.


Anytime anything goes wrong Rogers answer is to unplug the unit, which can in rare scenarios prevent the unit from completely rebooting.


In my opinion this is a design flaw on this unit.