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I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Must have apps

I used to like Slacker Radio but got bored of it. I do not know who likes House, Dubstep, Depp house & Trance music but i have downloaded Digitally Imported on my Xperia S. Its all the songs you do not hear on the Radio plus more. Its a free app but you can also pay & use all the features. You are able to control the speed & how much data it can take on Mobile (3G/4G/LTE) & WiFi as well.

This is by far my favorite music app on Android, Apple & Blackberry.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Must have apps

I have programs tools for Developing Android App:

1. App Inventor

2. Basic4Android

3. IntelliJ

4. Eclipse

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Must have apps

gTunes Music Downloader





..... a few of my favs

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Must have apps

Waze for navigation is amazing.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Must have apps

For a lost or stolen phone, this app is a must: AndroidLost Check it our, you will be amazed at what it can do, and free, too!


Here is just some of the things it can do from the web site:


- enable wifi, gps, bluetooth, or sound

- fins exact location your phone is in case someone stole it

- silently takes a picture from your front or rear camera

- if someone puts a new sim card in, it will report you the number

- you can wipe the phone contents remotely so the thief cannot view your personal photos/texts

- so much more!

I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Must have apps

I would recommend Swift Key Flow. Its in beta version BUT works like wonders. I love it & use it all the time!
I've Been Around
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Re: Must have apps

Has anyone ever tried Zedge?


They have the best wallpapers you can imagine. I probably change my wallpaper every week or so.

I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Must have apps

Hello Choprafamily

Zedge is the best for ringtones, Live wallpapers & other things as well. I would highly recommend that app!
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Must have apps

If you own a phone with a flashlight, I highly recommend this one: Disco Light LED Flashlight

I've Been Around
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Re: Must have apps

-input method: swift keys

-msging apps: whatsapp, tango

-voip: vent, mumble, skype, magic jack (all useful for different things)

-games: Onlive (have to Dl an apk but it works fine), Fpse, Genplusdroid, Mupen64 (only certain games work), John NES lite, Super GnesLite, nds4droid, tiger arcade, PPSSPP (slow, limits game compatibility but improving), aDosbox.


-LIve stream TV: netflix (meh its alright), TV portal (have to DL from 3rd party, can take a few attempts to get a show to play that you want but it works)


-Info apps: TWN, drivebcmobilelauncher, bcferries, flight tracker

-computer interface: Teamviewer, Emit free, gPad, app.pcon, wifikeyboard, allshareplay, airdroid

-wifi management: wifi manager, fing, wifi analyzer

-unpacking tools: Zarchiver, easy unrar lite, file manager

-app market: play store, aptoid (3rd party apps), appbrain/appzoom (similar to aptoid), Amazon appstore (can't pay for apps and takes a bit for a Canadian to setup but you get your daily free app.)


-anti virus: AVG

-downloads: Bittorrent

-video/music playing/networking streaming: MX player, BSplayer, BubbleUpnp

-Calander: pure grid calander

- stock watcher:  Mini stock (widget)

-radio: Tunein



misc useful: pay by phone parking, speedtest,