Music and SD card

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I've Been Around
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Music and SD card

Hi all, has anyone ever run into an issue where the music they put on their SD card keeps disappearing. I'll transfer several albums from my computer to my Acer Liquid E, afew days later I'll get a message that says "Sorry this file is not playable". The funny thing is all my System of a Down albums stay there and everything else is unplayable.

I've tried my friends who work in phone stores and even tech support through Rogers but no one seems to know what is going on...


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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Music and SD card

Not sure but


could be the amount of memory allocated to the readyboost, as in if you have 4 gig card and have allocated the whole card for readyboost, it would be a reason for "other" files to go missing...


could be the card itself, bad chips on memory card....


and speaking of memory corruptions, virus can do that as well...


my 2 cents