Multiple levels of frustration with new Hitron Technologies Modem/Router CGN2-ROG

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Multiple levels of frustration with new Hitron Technologies Modem/Router CGN2-ROG

I just "upgraded" (and yes those are air quotes) to a Rogers bundle that should give me a better download cap and as a result a new modem by Hitron Technologies.


When the tech came he set it up just by pluging it in and verifying that the LAN connection worked but left with no other instructions or a manual.


I'm a techy guy so I figured that a quick trip to would solve any issues with a nice web interface.


So I logged in, went though the basic setup to ensure I had a WIFI network setup with some basic security and left my DLink router unplugged as I likely didn't need it any more.


Boy was I wrong.  Not only is the Hitron web interface one of the worst I've ever worked with, chock full of typos and written by someone that obviously doesn't understand how to properly build a website (ok I'm biased as a 13+ year web developer but...) but anoyingly it doesn't give me any of the typical features of a router/modem that I'd like.


For starters the modem has created 2 SSID profiles for the WIFI network I created... one is the WPA B/G/N one I created, the other is the exact same SSID with ***NONE*** as the security profile... thus when the connection is working, any joe shmoe can connect (and I live near a public park) so this is COMPLETELY unacceptable.


The second SSID (although I can scan my wifi networks for it and find it) is simple not displayed anywhere in any of the sections of the Hitron interface - so I can't turn it off, disable it, or anything.


OK, fine, I'll just turn off the wifi on the Hitron modem and connect my DLink wifi router up to the modem and use my DLink to provide wireless as at least it has real Wifi settings and options that every router should have.


But no dice... every way I try to connect my router to the modem I can't get any wifi signal from my router as it looks like the Hitron is forcing its own DHCP and won't give it up to let my router provide the DHCP!


This is mega frustrating. Thus I have 4 questions:


1.) Is there a real manual/PDF URL of some kind for this Hitron Modem? (and no the online "help" page within the modems tools is anything but helpful or informative.


2.) Is there a firmware upgrade for the modem that takes this device to a usable level with standard features?


3.) Does Rogers have either instructions on how to properly connect a secondary wifi router to the modem since the wifi on the modem is a security hole nightmare...


4.) If none of the above are available/valid solutions - does Rogers have a better modem model that doesn't have all of these issues and is actually ready for residential distribution to customers as this P.O.S. certainly isn't.



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Re: Multiple levels of frustration with new Hitron Technologies Modem/Router CGN2-ROG

I dont have the hitron.. so i can not 100% help on the setup, as i cant go through the menus, etc.

If you have the CGN2 (not the CGN3), then likely the 2ndary one they set up, is a GUEST profile i would think.  While yes, no security on it as a normal WPA password, etc... when they connect to it, it should then prompt them to a webpage to log in (much like your wifi at mcdonalds or similar).  There they would have to put in the right password.  This SHOULD be settable somewhere in the gateway, i would think. (i know it is, in the SMC that i have).


As for the 2nd part. You do have two options to connect your dlink.  Its completely doable.. you just need to configure things right Smiley Happy

A ) completely eliminate all router/gateway functions from the gateway. 

What you want to do is turn it into BRIDGED MODE... this will effectively turn it into a MODEM only.

Again while i dont have it, cant 100% confirm.. but i beleive it is likely listed as 'disable all commercial gateway functions', effectively then on reboot turns it into a modem.
From there.. connect your DLINKs WAN port into port 1 on the gateway.

This way, your dlink does ALL the DHCP, etc.


B ) Set up your dlink as an ACCESS point only.  (this is currently how i have my SMC set up).

Disable all wireless on the Hitron.
You then need to plug into your DLINK (while its NOT connected to anything else).

Log into the management interface, and you will want to do TWO things here.  1) Turn DHCP off, you dont want it fighting with the hitrons DHCP.  2) change the IP address of the device itself.  Defautly, its, the SAME as the hitron... thats not going to work.  Change it to or similar.

Lastly, you can plug it into the hitron now... but NOT the wan port.. you need to plug it into one of the LAN ports.