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Multiple Technician Appointments Cancelled...

I've Been Around

The issue is IGNITE that completely failed over a period of five-six days at the end of October here in eastern Mississauga.  We had no working tv, internet or home phone.  I must have called Rogers ten times, each time getting the same canned apologies and declarations that the company will do everything to take care of us.  Empty slogans!


I rebooted and unscrewed cables many times, finally, on Friday Nov. 1 someone promised to send a technician on Saturday morning, but also put us on priority list in case one is available on Friday.  No-one showed up on either day despite the fact that on Friday night I was again assured that Saturday was the big day.  Of course, we were stupid enough and did not leave home because Rogers promised to send someone.


Finally, on Saturday I spoke to a 'Matthew' from Toronto, a supervisor, who was surprised that anyone can take seriously Rogers' promise to provide a technician on a given day.  He was flippant, argumentative and stated that a client who believes that should also believe in 'Justin Trudeau's promises'.  He saw nothing wrong in the fact that no-one at Rogers felt obligated to notify us that a promised intervention has been cancelled.


So he scheduled a Sunday visit, and again after a wait no-one arrived and I was informed that it was cancelled - by whom they would not tell us.  We again were not informed or warned. By this time I was boiling and ready to rip up Rogers' cabling but luck struck - I was dealing with Julianna, who was the first of many staff I spoke with to ask me to run an internet speed test - which was very low. 


She turned out to be very competent and genuinely apologetic,  finally scheduled a third visit and then confirmed it twice. On Monday a technician came, worked for half an hour and did the repairs.  The icing on the cake was that after he left, a second one arrived but better two than none.


There are two lessons here.  One, IGNITE was introduced too early without ironing out all kinks. Two, do not believe when you Rogers promises that 'a technician will arrive between 10 and 12!!!



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Re: Multiple Technician Appointments Cancelled...

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Not trying to be apologetic here or anything..

In most areas, its 3rd party company's that are sub contractors to rogers which are doing all the work.   

At least in my area.. while I have had bad techs, I have always (well maybe minus one time) that they show up in the scheduled window.

They have a scheduling system, and yes it is supposed to be followed.
That the manager said that?  Yeah... someones completely wrong there.

Re: Multiple Technician Appointments Cancelled...


Hello @KarolW,


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your first post. We appreciate you sharing your experience with everyone in the community as well as with Rogers as it will help us become better for our customers! 👍


Here at Rogers, we really take a lot of pride in the type of products and services we provide. We are extremely disheartened to learn about the way your recent experience went down. 😟 Luckily, Julianna came to the rescue and got everything back on track!--We just wish this could have happened much sooner than it did! With this being said, we genuinely hope for a much more positive experience for you going forward and we thank you for being our valued customer and sticking with us! 🙂


Kindest of regards,




Re: Multiple Technolician Appointments Cancelled...

I've Been Here Awhile
I have also been been duped by Rogers telling someone was coming to install I ignite and no one schowed.up,We are going to try Bell.

Re: Multiple Technolician Appointments Cancelled...

Good evening @bannagh6,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can imagine how disappointing it is to have an appointment cancelled without notice. We wouldn't want to lose you as a customer. Have you had a chance to speak to customer service since the no show? If not, then please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and we'll be happy to assist you :).


To learn more about our Private Messaging system, you can visit here.


Looking forward to hearing from you.





Re: Multiple Technolician Appointments Cancelled...

I've Been Here Awhile
I have called Rogers everyday for five days and have been promised next day service everyday I have lost three days wages waiting for Ignite to be installed.

Very disappointed in Rogers.

Re: Multiple Technolician Appointments Cancelled...

Hello again @bannagh6,


Thank you for your reply! Sorry to hear about the negative experience.


Although we hope you got the assistance you needed since you posted, we're still willing to help via private message.

Please refer to post 5 from @RogersZia! 😉



Re: Multiple Technolician Appointments Cancelled...

I've Been Here Awhile
I have not received any replies or messages from Rogers as of yet,I still cannot believe that Rogers treats a loyal customer of over 40 years this way.
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