Multi-view on my Rogers Galaxy Note 2

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I Plan to Stick Around
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I can wait for multi-window, but really want an Exynos bugfix

Hello all,


I can be patient about getting multi-window, I'm still getting used to how to get the most from the camera and stylus.


What DOES concern me is the critical Exynos bug that's bad enough that you can root your phone just using an app. There's also an app in the Play Store that enables you to check if you're vulnerable, and another app (sideloaded) that innoculates you (more info on the problem -- and a temporary fix -- is at XDA-Developers).


I note that there was a push OTA download for my Note2 this morning (day after Boxing Day) that claimed to update "Samsung Apps" but didn't give more detail than that. Does anyone have any more info on what was updated? Is this a prelude to a Mult-window patch, which has already been showing up for the same specific phone model -- the SGH-i317 -- at AT&T? Is it for the Exynos bug? Or just really updating some of the Samsung apps and nothing else?