Moving out: Advice to Get a Good Internet & HDTV Deal?

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Moving out: Advice to Get a Good Internet & HDTV Deal?



I'll be moving out on my own soon.


My Parents have had Rogers TV and internet for 10+ years, I was wondering how to use that rapport to get me a good Internet & HDTV package?


Who should I contact at Rogers?


As their everyday sales repts. will probably give me the average sales pitch, I want to go contact someone who can REALLY give me a great deal.


I am also going to research Bell's Fibe ... it'll mean I can't take my paid-for 8642PVR with me (my Parents can use it), but if Bell ends up being much cheaper (and better?), then I will not hestitate.




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Re: Moving out: Advice to Get a Good Internet & HDTV Deal?

Yeah, do your reasearch.. check out both companies.. what they are offering.
Go to a location where you can see/check out the other hardware/software.

Compare deals... but always check on the length/durration of the deals.  While one may be a biger deal to start (say, free rental for a year vs free rental for 6 months).. there could be a difference of a 2-3 year contract tied with it, so you could be stuck longer.

Big thing.. compare the AFTER deal prices too. Sure you may get a cut at the begining, but see WHAT the regular price will be afterwards..


Then, choose which option, is best for you. to WHO to contact.  The normal reps, can give you only the listed deals, as they say.

Customer relations, tends to be able to offer other things, that the regular reps, can not.

Might be worth a try, in trying to get ahold of them.... you may sort of have to do it, through your parrents account. IE: have them call and identify themselves so they can see the long standing account, then say "hey, speedys moving out, what deal can you do for him beyond the regular deals, otherwise hes really looking at bell", and see what they can do.

They may be limited on what they can apply.. new accounts may not be allowed to have certain deals on them, needs to show a X peroiod of time or something.


But that would be who i would recomend trying.


Other than that.. choose WHICH option is best for you, weither rogers, or not!  You have to do what is best for you in the end 🙂

Only other thing i can say.. it make sure your finances are in order.. that you HAVE enough to cover everything (not knowing how/where you are going.. what costs may be incured.. rent/vs mortgage, what utils, etc).  You dont want to get into a situation, where you are stuck paying X amount for your net/tv and cant afford it, and not be able to pay it 😞

I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Re: Moving out: Advice to Get a Good Internet & HDTV Deal?

Thanks for the advice GDkitty.


When I went home yesterday, I saw a notice that BELL Fibe was going to hold another wine & cheese party next Wednesday night in our building (they've been promoting in our building a lot, even giving us all the fibe TV channels in the gym and common rooms).


What a great way to do some research!