Motorola dcx700m power issues

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Motorola dcx700m power issues

I have a whole home PVR setup, with a Motorola dcx700m as one of the regular HD digital boxes. 


I have a weird issue with it.  After it's been used and turned off via remote, if I want to use it again I have to unplug it and plug it back in (power) in order for it to display a picture again.


Basically, I can watch tv on it all night.  then I turn it off.  Next day, I go to use it.  Some of the lights come on on the front panel of the unit but the picture doesn't appear on the screen.


If I unplug the unit and plug it back in, then power on the unit, the picture comes back.  (HDMI in this case).  Any ideas how to stop it from doing this?  It's a pain to keep unplugging it and of course you lose all the guide for a while when it gets unplugged.


Do I have a bad setting or maybe a faulty unit?



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Re: Motorola dcx700m power issues

Hello Trepan,


Do you only have this problem when using the remote?  What happens if you are to turn the box on manually by using the power button on the box?  Does the Cable light on the remote flash when you are trying to turn the box back on?


You could always have the box swapped at a Rogers store if you believe the box is faulty.