Motorola SB6121

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Motorola SB6121

I am wondering if anyone has sucessfully registered a SB6121 modem with Rogers? I contacted the fulfillemnt department and asked but they didnt really give a straight answer. They recommended I purchase one from Rogers, either SMC or the Cisco model. Both these models cost $200 and include a wireless gateway which I do not need since I have a wireless router and the SB 6121 sells for only $99.






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Re: Motorola SB6121

Some people say they have been able to but I have not seen a foolproof way to do it.

Best bet is to rent the cisco one and get them to change it to bridge mode and just continue to use your own wireless router. This is what I have done and i have no problems it just acts like my old modem did (same speed most of the time even... hmm thats not good)