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Motorola SB5101 Not Supported??

I'm Here A Lot

I purchased a new Motorola SB5101 from an online US vendor to replace my SB5100 rental unit. I've talked to 4 agents over the past week trying to get it activated with no success (my call got dropped with the 3rd agent). The 12 digit Customer S/N on the SB5101 apparently does not show up in the Rogers database, and the agent cannot proceed. The last agent said the problem is that Rogers does not support the SB5101, only the SB5100. I find this to be astonishing.


Is this true, and has anyone else run into this issue?





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Re: Motorola SB5101 Not Supported??

I've Been Here Awhile

All RogersXXX, and CSRs.  They are doing monkey business. Look at the equipments in their stores, ugly and **bleep**ing slow. They are only making their pocket money, to build up a XXX enterprise. Bad service and high price, that is the only reason make this guy rich. Scam business.  All and all, I can tell you the final answer is "Only buy modem in Rogers store", otherwise, you can not active it.

Re: Motorola SB5101 Not Supported??

This is my first post on this forum, but I have been a long time lurker here. I specificly registered because there is a lot of misinformation about this topic. I was hoping that someone would have created a sticky to clear this up by now.


Two terms used for these types for modem issues:

1. Unapproved modems - These are modems that are not permitted to operate on the Rogers cable network. This typically refers to the modem brand/model. I.E. The Motorola SB6120 is an unapproved modem.

2. Unauthorized modems - These are modems that are not registered to operate on the network and therefore cannot be provisioned for service. The modem could be an approved modem, however if it did not go through the correct registration process, it will not be authorized. NOTE: all unapproved modems are also unauthorized modems.


Now to answer the OP question.


The Motorola SB5101 modem is a Rogers approved modem. However, the modem was not registered in the system, therefore it will not be authorized to operate on the network. In order for a modem to be authorized, it has to go through the warehouse inventory process where the modem MAC, serial number, model, etc are registered in the inventory system. Since your modem was not registered, CSR are unable to add the modem to your account, PERIOD.

There are staff that have access to the inventory system to add or update equipment information, however, to my knowledge, this process is only for equipment that were incorrectly registered at the warehouse. Individuals that were able to get unapproved and unauthorized modems added to their Rogers account, did so because standard process was not followed. I am sure the staff made the right decision to add the modem base on the available information at the time. However, this had led to inconsistent service and threads such as this one.


To avoid these types of headaches if you are not purchasing a modem from an authorized Rogers distributor, here are a few guidelines:

1. Get the modem model, mac and serial number from the seller.

2. Check for an update list of approved modems. If the modem is not listed you can contact Rogers to confirm (legacy modems are no longer listed as illustrated in the posted by RogersAndrew)

3. If the modem is an approved modem, contact Rogers with the MAC and serial to verify it is registered. Modems listed as "Customer Owned" can be purchased. DO NOT purchase if the modem has any other flag or is not listed at all.


Hope that clears things up.

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