Moto Razr XT910, getting ICS????

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Moto Razr XT910, getting ICS????

Hi All, including Rogers!!

Will the Moto Razr XT910 be getting the ICS update??

Let me know, thanks


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Re: Moto Razr XT910, getting ICS????

Rogers won't comment on it sadly.


Anyway, if your question is;


"Will the RAZR get ICS in Canada?"


The answer I'm sure is yes.


If the question was


"I saw the RAZR on Verizon is getting the ICS update are we getting it today as well?"


The answer is no.


Try contacting Moto Canada to see if they'll throw you a bone.

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Re: Moto Razr XT910, getting ICS????

That's a good idea about contacting moto ca! I heard that its not the real OTA release today... still the soak test... but was kinda hopping that it would be at the same time:)

I tried the other day to get a "bone" from rogers tech support... they are horrible! The first guy did not even know what ICS stood for!!!! I was shocked

This being my first big update for android... are we far behind the US for the update or close to the same time?? Motorola's website says its supposed to be release around the same time...
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Re: Moto Razr XT910, getting ICS????

I am not sure, but think this will likely be deleted... Hopefully some of you will see it before it's removed!


I came across this on the XDA Forum...


It's the official Rogers Razr XT910 ICS, leaked from Motorola. Runs great, follow instructions for smooth installation.