Modems + Rogers = Unhappy Customer

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Re: Modems + Rogers = Unhappy Customer

The 10 and 30 plan, have the $8 rental included.

The 60 and higher, have the $12 cgn3 included.


(which makes the 30 plan the same as the express was and just about any plan that was higher, is actually CHEAPER now)


But if you own the modem, it drops the price.

The new plans still come up as two line items... so a 69.99 listed plan, would be 57.99 + 12 listed... if you own the modem would be 57.99 only then.




The necessity of the 24 channel?
If you are a VERY busy area (very very densely populated)... yes it might help with congestion.

On the HIGHER tier plans.. not sure about 60 but 150 and higher, definately might help.  Some other carriers with 150 plans are droping them or having issues.. that with more people using them, the 150 plans are getting congestion when they dont have the 24 channels on their network (rogers is one of the only ones so far)

24 channel is pretty much leading edge.. its not going to disapear or be replaced any time soon.