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I've Been Around

I have i just have a few questions. I curent have 'lite' and I want to upgrade to express but you'll have to rent / buy the modem. I have a modem and a wireless routre. Now if i buy the modem from rogers "STANDARD MODEM" will i be able to get express internet by buying the "standard modem" then linking it to my routre? And is there anywhere else that is cheaper than rogers? Like bestbuy ? Cause i know the other modem "WIRELESS G GATEWAY" sells for $150 and bestbuy sells it for $100






Re: Modem

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the price of the wireless G gateway is not the main cost issue.  I have bought a number of name brand "wireless G" routers at thrift stores for under $10.  They work great, and although a few years old, provide most all the functionality you could want.


So, whether you spend $10 or $110 for the "wireless gateway" is not the issue.  The ongoing monthly costs of your Internet connection will be the main and determining factor in assessing your "cost of ownership" for you.


In this Forum you will find numerous postings on experiences Rogers customers have had with their Rogers-supplied, rented modem/gateway combinations.  The Rogers users who have posted here have had problems, and that is the reason we hear about them here.


I suggest you check on some of the more recent postings here, just to research the experiences people have had in using the standard Rogers-supplied modem/gateway combinations.  Yes, you can connect your router to them, if you want or need to.




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