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Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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thats quite possibly it then... without the fully qualified name. its not resolving properly, or resolving to an old address which is not working.. but the fully qualified is.



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I've Been Around
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I have been a subscriber to Rogers it seems forever.  


I am a member of, ottawa social, and want to make known my disappointment in Rogers for not updating its software so that I can access this website, which incidentally, has notified your operations department  for the need for this to be done.  My contact with ottawa social is intermittent, but mostly not happening thanks to you.


If ever another company besides Rogers and Bell crops up, you can rest assured I will become their client.  All Rogers seems to be interested pre-occupied in is selling and charging more  and obviously not maintaining its services.



Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Posts: 14,327


I dont understand.. what do you mean?

you are not able to access that website?


Looked up a little more..
A ping via using the rogers DNS and also an alternative DNS (google), both reslove to, but BOTH WAYS are not responding to pings.


An NS lookup, via the rogers DNS resolves to the same IP above.
An NS lookup via the google DNS, though resloves to a range


So it appears, that the rogers DNS servers, haven not FULLY updated to likely an IP change of where the servers are/have moved to.  It appears googles.. MOSTLY have, but even not fuly (by the ping response problems still resolving to the wrong address).

So rogers yes, does need to full update their DNS entry for the site.

Unfortunately, this can happen with ANY provider at any time a site changes its locations.


Alternatively for the time being, you could change your DNS servers to say googles, and be able to access the site.

(i generally do this, as they are usually faster anyways :P).  If you would like help with this, please ask.

I'm an Advisor
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I used to be on but haven't for a while. Just did a test using as the address and it fails. If I use, it works. There's an announcement at the top of their page saying they had an outage, but there's no date on it.