Major Speed issues

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Re: Major Speed issues

I live in a condo and am using the Cisco DPC 3825 modem with my Macbook Pro (Maverick Operating System).  I have Rogers Express internet service.  During the day, my system speed is satisfactory, meeting or exceeding the promised speed.  However, at night, there is a major degradation in speed.  Tonight, for example, it is down to 1-4 Mbps.  This pattern has been going on for months.


I've doing the Live Chat with Rogers tech people and they are now suggesting that it might be a malware issue.  When I questioned them... why was the speed good during the day and only bad at night... they had no answer for me (would also suggest that there was no malware issue, but actually a user issue).   I went to Apple to have my MAC checked out and both the hardware and software were fine.


I'm looking for help to fix the issue.  Right now the modem is set to auto.  Am I better off, for example, switching it to a fixed channel?  Should I switch to another supplier or am I better off with the devil I know?  Would their new modem help (but the rental fee is steep)?


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Re: Major Speed issues

I am assuming you are getting this on WIRELESS??

One thing would be to narrow down if the wireless is the problem.. that say in the eve, there is that much extra traffic, that much extra wireless signals going around, etc, that are causing the issue.

FIRST thing to try, would be to hardwire in at the problem time, into one of the wired ports on the cisco, and do the same tests.  If the speeds are FINE.. we know its likely a wireless issue.. (and then we can try and help narrow down whats best to do to fix that).
Wireless.. espeicaially in an apartment/condo setting.. can get VERY crowded.

IF the wired speed is then the same slowdown..  Its something else.
It could be, the condo itself then.. the infrastructure within the building, etc.. that you are getting a bottleneck, when there is that much other traffic going on.


Going with another supplier is always an option.. but make sure your not walking into the same thing.
If you go with a TPIA provider which uses rogers line... could be the exact same issue.