Magic Jack Q?

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Magic Jack Q?

Anyone have any experience with using a magic jack plus on rogers rocket hub?












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Re: Magic Jack Q?

I have used the magic jack on my netcomm router with success.. I have home phone too , and OFTEN people think Im calling from inside a CAN.! Very tinny and echo..that is the ROGERS service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Try Skype first, 3 months anywhere in North America for $8... yes you have to use a mic and headset, but if this works for you then using a magic jack shouldn't be an issue. 

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Re: Magic Jack Q?



I did some searching on the net as to how much bandwidth would be used when using a MagicJack device.   It appears that the device will burn 1 GB for 64 minutes of talk time.   I use the phone service attached to the rocket hub and we use in the area of 1000 minutes each month.  That usage converts to 15.6 GB of bandwidth by using a Magicjack.   I use internet up to almost 10GB each month so the Magicjack bandwidth would become an overage charge and amount to an extra $78 just to use the phone.    This does not make using a Magicjack a feasable option let alone any other voip device or software.   









































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Re: Magic Jack Q?



interesting statistics and nice analysis.  Thanks for the information!


Your posting should highlight why one would not want to do Internet-based telephone activities on a RocketHub.  The economics just don't make sense.