MMS not working and where is my 10%off

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MMS not working and where is my 10%off

I am having difficulty Sending MMS messages with my unlocked Nexus 5 phone. Also a brought in this Nexus 5 to the rogers phone unlocked and they claim they'll give me 10% off my bill. Now a month later for my first bill I am charged $30 while the plan should of costed me $27. What should I do


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Re: MMS not working and where is my 10%off

Hello TheBaz568

Do you have the correct APN settings on the phone? You will need to input the Rogers APN settings for it to work.

For the 10% off you will need to contact Rogers about this. No one on here can do anything on that. If a Rogers rep doesn't want to help or can not help, ask to speak to Rogers retentions. They should be able to look in for u and help u.