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MF275 Rocket Hub unwanted roaming

I've Been Around

We replaced our old 4G Rocket Hub with a with a MF275R LTE router. The previous router had an option to stop roaming if Rogers network was weak or unavailable. I looked on this router and saw a connection option with “Check here to allow internet access while roaming”.  Since this did not have a check mark we felt safe to use our router on our boat. When we got our first bill we were surprised to see roaming charges on 3 different days. While the bulk of the traffic on those days was with Rogers, the signal must have been weak and AT&T picked up the slack. 


I called to ask about this obvious device option failure and was told I had to instead ask them to block non Rogers towers. This router option is misleading and somewhat costly. Rogers agent would only block the non Rogers Towers but would not reverse the charges. Nowhere could I find it documented that I had to call them to stop unwanted roaming on my Rocket Hub.


Anyone with this router planning on traveling near the US border should be aware this could happen.  


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Re: MF275 Rocket Hub unwanted roaming

I've Been Around

Thank you. I am using a rocket hub and very tired of weak signal. It's noticeably worse when I am occasionally late on my bill and I think Rogers intentionally slows the waves when customers don't pay on time. 

Re: MF275 Rocket Hub unwanted roaming

Hello @brbooth & @BS5,


Thank you for your posts and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


I know how frustrating it can be when you open your Bill and see unwanted roaming charges especially when you never actually crossed over the border.


We'd like to take a closer look at this for you to see what can be done to rectify this matter. We will need to gain access to your account to do so. Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps the next time you're online and we can take a closer look.


For more information on our private messaging system check out our blog.


@BS5 weak signals are a major pain, are you noticing the weak signal on the LTE network or is it via Wi-Fi from the Hub? 





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